Neg Theory Explained

When you carry yourself as a high-value guy, an Alpha-Male or a jerk, you can afford to give women shit, bust their chops, treat them like a dick and have them take it with laughter [Neg Theory]! 

There’s this Brit chick whom I picked up (on Facebook) about a month ago. She’s been back and forth to England since, so it’s really challenging for us to hammer out a rendezvous or date…until she comes back to my neck of the woods in a few weeks.

Anyhow, so she posted a pic on her Whatsapp status, with her boobs sort of perking out. 

This is a Great example of how to execute the classic PUA tactic called “Negging”; giving women shit without fear of losing them. Just a little pointer: if you behave scared with women and walk on egg shells in your communication with them, not only will they lose interest, but they will lose respect.

Contrarily, if you are confident enough to give women shit (the right way), the attraction and interest will spike up significantly!

Oh- and BTW- I always end the conversation first (as I teach you guys to do also)!

BTW, if you’re new to the pickup community and you have no idea what a Neg is; you may want to check the definition at the link below.

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4 thoughts on “Neg Theory Explained

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    1. Lol it’s funny how you guys always makes excuses for stuff working because of girls with low-self esteem. How about negs not working because guys have tons of issues. My negs work on any girl; no matter her occupation, age, race, etc. So let’s not pin it on the girl (negs not working), rather on the guy


      1. LOL, it’s funny how most men have a belief on those OLD PUA stuff. Neg is a tool for beta males to help them raising their value, nothing more. But women are not robots to fool them, they can smell a beta male who are trying to work on them from miles.

        But you are doing most of the time “online game”, so what to talk about. Go to the real world with real interactions to see what works and what not.

        “My negs work on any girl; no matter her occupation, age, race, etc”
        Come on, you can be better than that. So you are telling me that your “negs” are working on any girl, no matter what? You are telling me that all the girls are the same OR that your negs working like a spell on girls?

        These are excuses from guys who want to sell something, they don’t however belong in the reality.


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