Admission That Most Girls Just Want To Hook Up

Here’s an admission that girls are totally fine with casual sex and hooking up for a lengthy time without ever truly wanting a relationship. 

Most men are foolishly under the impression that women on a whole, are just DYING to be in a relationship with them, upon and after hooking up.

This false impression is fostered by the fact that lots of men still hold this fairytale impression that women are these innocent little snowflakes who need to be pampered, sheltered and babied. So most guys still cannot bring themselves to believing that most women are totally fine with just hooking up for however long it lasts. 

Now here’s the little caveat of contradiction: women will still almost always hint at exclusivity and relationship upon hooking up with a new guy. But in most cases, it’s only to save face in order to not look slutty as though they enjoyed casual hookups.

Hence, they lie about wanting something serious, knowing they only want(ed) to sample your cock for however long…without the burden of being tied down (i.e. relationship) and having to answer to some guy about whom else they fuck.

Saying all that to say, and furthermore, once the guy establishes somehow that he only wants to hook up, the girl, 9 in 10 times, will fucking accept that frame/deal…because she wants the dick! And it’s better for her (in her mind) if she can have your dick without being obligated to you [the guy].

However, you as the guy must believe that women are totally okay with flings and casual sex!

Once you buy into such a frame (which is the reality); women will also buy into it since they truly just want to have fun in most cases. 

That is the key magic in how and why I’m able to hook up with tons of girls and rarely ever get them wanting something serious but to become fuck-buddies with no obligations!

Anyway, so this chick here, she and I have been hooking up for about 4-5 years now.

She’s been in and out of relationships during that time. Isn’t that ironic? She likely broke up with those other clowns because they never got the memo that most girls just want to fuck with no strings attached! So the girl ends up in relationships that she truly doesn’t want, but only goes along with it just to not appear slutty.

Whenever a girl meets a guy who gets it, she appreciates and treasures that guy out of this world!

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