Playing Difficult

When chicks on Facebook play difficult and dish out their share of token/fake resistance in order to make themselves appear more valuable:

So I was gaming this chick the other day (total stranger) whom I added few days back to my Facebook.

As usual, the vibe was great, so I planted the idea of us having a drink rendezvous. 

Clearly she’s down for the drink date, but she felt that she had to play difficult by saying she didn’t agree to meet for drinks.

This is standardized token resistance which I usually nuke within seconds.

However, I just wasn’t up for the bullshit games that women play, by pretending that they aren’t on board when they really are.

Additionally, some women want to be chased relentlessly in order to make themselves feel important and to get their hit of validation from the guy(s) chasing.

Hence, they play hard-to-get and a bit difficult…even when they want it.

In such a case; you can either chase the girl for the date (giving her massive validation), or do what I did: leave it alone, knowing that it is her loss at the end of the day, and she’s likely to chase you eventually once she realizes she’s about to lose you because of her hard-to-get shenanigans.

Understand that all women will play difficult. That is as sure as the sun rising in the tomorrow. So don’t become rattled or give up when chicks play difficult. 

I gave up (strategically) in this situation. But since I’m high value, this chick is bound to chase me within matter of days to meet up.

It never fails me.

You can damn sure bet that she didn’t expect that reaction from me at the end of the chat.

I can play difficult too. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Playing Difficult

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  1. As always Kenny your bottomline message gets home. But don’t you think its embarassing that a female can drink straight Vodka on the rocks while I’m assuming you can’t? I stand to be corrected but I think she must have thought you a sissy, when it comes to the booze.


    1. It is embarrassing that a girl can drink more than I can…and straight Vodka on the rocks. I can’t even do that 😦 . But regardless if she thought I was a sissy on drinks. It still wasn’t something big enough to cause rejection


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