Using The Powerful False-Disqualifier On A Hot Latina

Okay, so a while back, I picked up this Spanish chick (Venezuelan), but we never managed to meet up again due to bad timing (on my part), and the fact that my plate has been full over the months. But she’s been dying to see me.

Mostly, she’s deeply hooked on my player vibe and womanizing ways [go figure] which she gets to see on Facebook whenever I post (this is all strategic BTW), even though she never comments at all.

Just another example (as proof) to show that most hot girls are attracted to guys who are known to be sleeping with other women (the more the better).

What I want you to zone in on though (from the brief chat) is how I utilize the deadly pick-up tactic called “False Disqualifier”.

What is a False Disqualifier? It is when you (the guy) do or say something that would have the girl think that you’re not interested or that you’re blowing her off. You’re disqualifying the girl…but falsely so.

Whenever you successfully use a False Disqualifier on a hot girl, it fucks with her reality. She begins to question her value, and this makes her chase you more while she simultaneously puts you on a pedestal as the one having higher value.

So watch how I do that artfully in the chat (disqualify her) in order to make her chase me more as she strives to prove to me that she’s worthy of my time…and cock.

Also, pay attention to how I brush her off @ the end by telling her I’ll be right back. Hot girls are the ones who supposed to tell guys “later”! But I flipped it.

This is quintessential Game in order to make a girl deeply fall for you…over text.
#WomenLovePlayers #TextGameStint #FalseDisqualifierTechnique

[Her texts in white]

Did you notice the False Disqualifier?

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