Some Jerkish Stuff For Ya

Social-media post:

Every now and then, my asshole, jerkish, douch bag ways hurt a girl tremendously.

Okay, so this chick right here with those big melons, I picked her up on Facebook last year over the Summer. 

Not long after I got her # by spitting my awesome Online Game, I got her to come to my apartment.

Things got hot and heavy (as expected) while we lie on the bed. 

Every time I tried to slide the pecker in from doggy-style position, she kept pulling away [usual LMR shit].

I expect this [LMR]. But when the shit keeps happening for like 30 minutes straight, it gets hella annoying! Not to mention my dick was struggling to maintain a hard on during the constant pulling away.

Eventually, I got the D inside of her…just the head and she pulled away!


This went on for a while: head inside of her and she drops down on her belly which caused the D to slip out.

When I would hold her ass by the waist to keep her there, she would contort and twist her body in awkward positions so that I couldn’t get good thrusting…so the dick kept coming out!!! 😦

Long story short; I got turned off from trying, so I jacked off on her big boobs and gave her a facial then kicked her the fuck out!!!

She wanted to stay and cuddle…but I told her she had to GTFO!!

She kept lingering so I cussed her ass out royally (mainly just to let her know I meant business) and told her that she was keeping me back from seeing another chick who was coming over [which I just made up just to make her feel more messed up].

Anyway, she left disappointed that I kicked her out and cussed her out.

She kept trying to text me on Whatsapp days after, but I ignored her texts, blocked her and deleted her #.

She tried Messenger…but I blocked her there too.

That was last year Summer. I’d totally forgotten about that chick.

Few nights ago now, I came across her # somewhere in my phone (though I deleted it from contacts), so I decided to add her back to Whatsapp, unblocked her and hit her up after almost a year later.

By no means am I interested. I am merely trying to demonstrate that women love and chase jerks and guys who treat them like trash. And from the texts below, it is clear to me that she’s just putting up a front (although she was hurt). But if she really didn’t want to hear from me, she wouldn’t be replying to my texts.

She would’ve clearly blocked me or just not entertain convo. All it takes is another 2 days or so for me to butter her up with my charms and get to see her again…although I’m not interested. 

BTW, I do this with lots of chicks whenever they play games [albeit LMR] when I’m trying to get the bang notch!

I give them the “GTFO” treatment, then block and blow them off like they don’t exist, reappear months later with a fake apology, then manage to fuck them days later after buttering them up.

Women love this sort of drama (it’s like their soap opera), so I give it to them by acting like a giant asshole, knowing that they (women) are secretly obsessed with guys who treat them bad.

BTW, I’m a sweetheart. A massive nice guy @ heart. I just don’t take light to shenanigans from women, and that will surely activate my jerk side.

[My texts in green]

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