Women Are Lazy And Suck…At Conversation

Social-media post of mines:

I’ve always held the opinion that women have no Game and they suck at trying to make conversation.

What really irks me though is when a chick hits me up with a bullshit “hi”, and expects for me to start, hold and carry the conversation!

Most guys would die for a chick to hit them up first. But as you get accustomed to being around and inside of countless number of women, you begin to tolerate less of their female-privilege crapola…like when they hit you up and expect you to take the convo somewhere.

I find it to be laziness on the part of women, more so than the fact that women aren’t socially equipped to chat up guys.

In any case, this chick whom I’d picked up about 2 days ago, is a classic example of this. She doesn’t have much to say (just as the case with the vast majority of women). So she hits me up with “how are you” messages. And if I don’t carry the convo, she would basically go silent. 

I mean, I can definitely spark shit and make shit happen! It’s just that I get a bit annoyed when women expect me to do the bulk of the work. Often times I have to do it if I intend to create attraction and get the meetup. But it still gets annoying

[Her texts in white]

At the end of the day, perhaps it isn’t quite fair to knock women for their complacency and laziness (no matter the area).

Why do I say that?

Well- it is men’s fault!

Men on average require so little investment from women that they (women) effectively are saying, “well, since he wants to do all the work, might as well let him”!

It’s like when you spoil a child or train him or her in a certain way and they begin to act accordingly.

What then do you expect?

What's your view?

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