How Not To Comment On A Girl’s Social-Media Pictures

How Not To Comment On A Girl’s Photo…Unless You Intend To Get The “You Don’t Even Exist” Treatment.

When it comes to commenting on girl’s pics, as you would’ve already known from following my stuff, the worst thing you could possibly do/say is to tell her how beautiful she is. 

Whenever I comment on a girl’s pic, it is almost always a NEG or something cheeky or smart-ass!

I bust chops! Not kiss ass with some generic-ass compliment that gets guys ignored. 

Once you realize that women hardly respond to niceness from men (nice compliments, etc), you’ll begin to see the light; which is that women respond to cheekiness and rudeness from men.

It grabs their attention while niceness (generic lame-ass compliments) don’t even register on women’s radars.

Once you become “that guy”, most women will respect it and act accordingly. 

It’s about the attitude: the “IDGAD about being on your good side” attitude.

Most guys play the nice-guy shit with women because they’re afraid to get rejected and shut out.

Hence, they leave comments on women pics saying, “You’re so gorgeous”!

Little do they know, such comments/compliments won’t make the grade.

Therefore, in order to get a girl’s attention online, you ought NOT be afraid to give her shit! If she’s used to getting attention/compliments from tons of guys, you coming with the same-old shit as every other guy simply won’t cut it!

Case in point, this chick posted a pic earlier. As usual, I leave a snarky, smart, NEG kinda comment, knowing it would propel the girl to engage and respond.

Every other guy on the pic left the usual cheesy-ass “you’re so beautiful” comment…and they all got ignored…except me. 🙂

Game is 80% psychology. Along with that is your attitude: are you scary or ballsy?

Women aren’t attracted to men who are scary and afraid to say/do what they wanna. 

When you learn to adopt that mentality with women (on or offline)- that you won’t kiss her ass like the rest of the pack- you’ll begin to experience a shift in the way women respond to you. 

You will go from being ignored to never getting ignored again!

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