Just A Bit On Romance

The other night I had a girl say to me:

Kenny, you’re so romantic and sensual with women”. Most men I meet aren’t like you, and they don’t know shit nor do shit romantic. Most guys I meet don’t do foreplay. They just want to pull their pants down and stick it in”.

Almost every girl I hook up with feed me that story…which is true actually.

This makes a whole ton of sense now, why 99.5% of the girls I sleep with are either in relationships or marriages.

Their husbands or boyfriends suck shit at romance, intimacy and don’t do foreplay.

Listen dude, before I even penetrate a girl’s pink flesh, I would’ve already done about 45 minutes to an hour’s worth or foreplay (depended on how long she can stay over).

Sometimes, I don’t even bother penetrate the girl because she would’ve already came alone from the foreplay. And I would in turn settle for a blowjob if that’s all I wanted.

What kills most guys when it comes to the prospect of romance is the notion that romance equates to weakness.

Most guys hooked on the idea of machismo, let it overshadow their senses when it comes to getting a woman hooked and compliant to the idea of being penetrated over a long duration.

The truth is: romantic isn’t weak, and doesn’t have to be.

I mean- I am uber-romantic – but I’m never ever perceived by women to be soft and weak.

A simple way in which I manage this is by incorporating the dominance with the romance.

For example, even if I were to be kissing, licking and sucking a girl all about her body- let’s use her neck and shoulders for instance- although my kisses would light, gentle and tender (i.e. romantic), I would do something dominant and rough in order to balance things out (i.e. pull her hair back/down while I kiss/suck on her neck or bite her chin ever so gently).

With such an approach of mines, you don’t risk much as far as the dominance factor. And you maintain the romance aspect at the same time.
By the way guys, I’ll be putting together a document exclusively based on being romantic and dominant when making a sexual move on women.

What's your view?

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