Why My Posts Have Drastically Gotten Shorter

Admittedly, my posts have gotten very short and concise over the last 6 months or so. But believe me; there’s a good, and even gregarious reason for this.

Listen- I respect you dude’s time- a lot!

With that being in mind- you guys- , I refuse to continue pumping out 2,000 word articles, robbing you guys of valuable time in which could be spent applying the lessons taught around here.

What I come to find out through my blogging journey and the dissemination of information about women and Game, is that the vast vast majority of guys are content with merely reading feel-good articles without an ounce of inclination to put any of what they’d gotten abreast with into action.

Not to get long-winded here, but the primary contributing factor to this is information overload.

When there’s too much information, however useful, one’s information-processing mechanisms tend to jam up.

For instance; if there’s too much to do, too much work and action required of us, we tend to get nothing, or way less done.

Therefore, because of this, I found it best to shorten things up dramatically instead of overloading you guys with ton of information, ton of words and ton of pick-up theories!

Secondly- and speaking of theory- less emphasis on theory.

I dread turning you guys into mental masturbators, hooked on elaborate pick-up theories.

Too many seduction outlets out there strictly focused on non-actionable lessons which leave the reader unmotivated to make changes.

I encourage action, thus short concise posts!

Every now and then I will pump out an extensive piece just for the sake of it.


4 thoughts on “Why My Posts Have Drastically Gotten Shorter

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  1. Hey Kenny, a budding Pua from South Africa
    I agree with your idea of shorter more concise posts. Sometimes I come to your website to look for a specific idea, or your advice on a particular sticking point I have. I don’t like information overload and i tend to skim to the exact part i need help with. I also refer to articles you’ve written years ago in your index below. It helps.
    My current problem now is that i find I’m inconsistent in the way i interact with women. On the one hand i can talk to a woman, escalate quite quickly, be upfront about my feelings and intentions to fuck her. Once i even gave a girl i just met an ass rub to escalate things. On the other hand it can take me months and months to escalate with a woman I’m interested in. I can still game her but i take long to make things sexual. Any advice you can give me or refer me to an article please.
    Yours in Game.


    1. I understand your situation. You may not like the answer I’m gonna give you, but plz take it into consideration: there is always that 1 woman whom you like but you just can’t escalate on. You don’t know why, but you just can’t. This girl may just be 1 of those girls.

      I’ll explain further in a short post or in the comments


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