Women Are Sexually Frustrated Too!

I get girls all the time who randomly send me nudes without me asking.

This chick right here is a Jamaican girl whom I hooked up with a while back. It was a 1-off and the sex sucked ass!

She’s now back in Jamaica for a while and is sexually frustrated and “horny as a tied dog” [as they would say in the Caribbean]!!!

What does this goes to show? Although women LOVE sex; they aren’t getting cock on a regular basis as you may want to think!

You may think this is contradictive…but it’s not!

Guys out there are NOT trying to get laid!

They are satisfied with playing the “I’m your friend” role, while girls just want to fuck!

This girl here is a perfect example.

She’s horny as hell, but doesn’t have in mind any guy whom she sees worthy of fucking.

Hence, she sends me nudes and wants to sext…even though she’s across waters in another country/island.

[My texts in green]

On 1 hand as I regularly preach to you guys:

•Women have gazillions of options in guys in whom to fuck!

On the other hand:

•Women hardly utilize those options by fucking them!

Hypothetically speaking- albeit realistic as this is for most women- let us say that Tiffany, an average Jane, knows 10 guys who would want to shag her.

Of those 10 guys, Tiff would realistically only sleep with a minuscule 1-2%: which means 1 or 2 of the 10 guys.

It is for this reason why most girls are sexually frustrated and pent-up. They have all the options in the world, but they will only develop a fuck-buddy type of situation with guys whom they deem are sex-worthy. And those guys are generally hard to come by.

With that, tons of women are faced with a contradicting quagmire: tons of guys want to fuck them. But they (women) only want to fuck a selected few. If those guys- the few- are out of reach (as I am to this girl), women will generally boycott sex altogether while opting out for masturbation, sexting and trading nudes.

What's your view?

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