Backwards Rationalization By Women In Seduction

Hey guys, been real real busy over the past 2 weeks, but I’ve not yet fallen off the planet. 🙂

Here’s a quick post (to my social-media account) which dates back a week or so.

So I’m finally meeting up with the Spanish chick (Puerto Rican) tonight (at her place) whom I’d picked up about a week ago on Facebook.

What’s interesting about this chat exchange is how just as the vast majority of women would, she hits me with “don’t come with any expectation”…i.e. expecting sex.

This is typical in seduction where the girl says/done something ahead of ti me to where she can claim backwards rationalization as her way of escaping culpability and blame.

In simpler terms; because she tells me in essence that we’re not having sex. Let’s say sex does happen (which it usually does in such cases), she can then claim that she wasn’t guilty of pushing for sex- because after all- she said “don’t expect sex”.

Just 1 of those psychological games women play.
[Her txts in white]

Whenever a girl tells you, “don’t think we’re doing anything if you come over”, or, “I don’t have sex before the 10th. date”, it isn’t for you to get flustered, discombobulated and thrown off of your game.

It is standard-operational procedures in the minds of women.

Therefore, just hear it, ignore it and proceed as though she never uttered those words…or typed those texts.

On a final note, a girl will almost always seek to escape blame for her sexual desires (which speaks to Backward Rationalization in her mind). So when or if it goes down, she can always say, “I played a passive role in things since I didn’t even want to have sex in the first place”…although such assertion on her part would’ve been disingenuous.

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