Bilingual Pull…A Brief Field Report

A quoted social-media post of mines:

Went to grab pancake and sausage but walked out with a Cuban GILF’s digits. People ask me all the time about picking up older women (MILF and GILF), with the impression that it’s difficult. But that’s a discussion for another time.

Quick little infield from earlier today (around 8:30 am) while looking some breakfast from a pancake spot.

For the hell of it, and since my order was about 10-15 minutes from being ready, I decided to chat up the MILF/GILF who was behind the counter.

Since I’m a boobs-guys, and her melons were on somewhat on display; I was encouraged even more to spit some game and grab the phone #.

However, the grand takeaway I want to highlight is this: “If You Want To Easily Pick Up Spanish Girls; Learn Spanish”!!! And that goes for any language for that matter! If you fancy Russian chicks: then learn Russian!! There is literally zero downsides to learning how to pick up girls in their native language!

As a bonus, you will have indirectly impressed the girl without even trying to impress her with your language skills. A HUGE DHV when you could interact with a chick in her 1st. language!!!

I LOVE Latinas…hence I learned Spanish years ago as means of shortcutting and cheating my way to Spanish poon!

On a side note: I’m actually big on picking up MILF’s and GILF’s. I have a thing for older women. So it all makes sense.

Lastly, what I really wish to emphasize apart from the obvious [language], is the Game Anywhere, Anytime Mentality! Always be in Pick-Up mode! I call this being in state…perpetually! You could be not “in state” but still mentally equipped to chat up women.

Case in point, instead of standing around like a mute dodo; chat up that chick @ the bus stop waiting as you are! More time spent chatting to women in general (hot or not, slim, fat, white, black, green, short, tall, young, granny…) the quicker you become GREAT at being a social machine and a Pick-Up Artist!

So that was the grand lesson here from this Latina GILF pickup this morning.

Additionally, having good game is GREAT! But learning how to carry a not-so-boring conversation is all you need to pick up chicks regularly. And again; it makes your job 10 times easier if you desire to pull women who don’t speak good English…as this GILF.

I cannot begin to count the amount of times I pulled the robbery of a Latina from some dude who didn’t know a lick of Spanish. Additionally, I’ve slept with many Latinas who would otherwise not have given me the time of day since they didn’t know a word of English, etc.

Needless to say, this entire video clip is in Spanish. So you may not know what’s being said. But the most important thing is everything I mentioned above. BTW, we chatted for about 20 minutes before I went for the # exchange. I texted her later on (earlier via WhatsApp), adhering to my method of contacting the girl same day while the attraction is there!

I intended to post the video here of the pickup (all in Spanish). But because all of it is in Spanish, it doesn’t quite have meaning to an English-speaking audience.

In any case, hopefully my point was receiver saliently.

Having some knowledge of the language in which the women you’re attracted to speak, is just a no-brainer as far as its rationale and potency.

Here’s an old video of mines where I speak about this.

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