Example Of Using Your Social-Media Posts As A DHV (Demonstration of Higher Value]

I posted this post a few days ago:

Just a little testament to how powerful it is when you use Facebook as a DHV (Demonstration of High Value), and when you come off as this reckless, carefree, adventurous, sexual and sleazy guy (through your posts)!

So this chick here, I added her to FB few weeks back, with the intention to eventually game her, get the digits, set up a rendezvous and to fuck her (per usual).

What made me decide to actually get on the offense now is that she’s accustomed to posting provocative pics. And she and I usually go back and forth on her posts.

In any case, it’s apparent that she digs my forward style (as all women do), so it was easy as fuck for me to get her # and give her mines via Messenger (with no game) as I did few days ago.

She went on to hit me up on Whatsapp; a sign that I took as a blatant indication that she wants to fuck me! Remember what I teach you guys; take everything that a woman does towards you to mean that she wants to fuck you! Let her prove you wrong if it isn’t so!!!

Anyway, so we are currently trying to hammer out a Netflix and Chill rendezvous @ my place for the weekend.

Since she has a boyfriend [as all sane women do], she has to find a way to maneuver him in order to safely come Netflix and Fuck me. I meant “Chill” with me! 😉

I harp a ton on using your online posts as means to attracting girls.

With this chick- as is the case with every girl I pull via social media- I firstly attracted her and got her interested by the stuff I regularly post.

I’d promised a while back that I would put together a product which will have included 50-100 statuses of mines that catch the attention of women.

However, being so busy in the field of pickup and dating, completing the product has been stalled until further notice.

2 thoughts on “Example Of Using Your Social-Media Posts As A DHV (Demonstration of Higher Value]

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  1. great tips here, this is a tricky one cuz some girls will think you are bragging and a duesche, but most will like it as long as you do it the right way

    will give some of these tips a shot and see how it goes


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