What About The Presumed Harder Sets…Such As Religious Girls?

I posted the following post to social media the other day.

I like the so-called “harder” sets and harder girls. 

So the other day, I spat some game @ this total stranger whom I added on FB. It turns out that she’s a religious gal, and she thinks I’m Satan…or Satan-like. 🙂

Does it matter to me? Fucks no! I love breaking good girl’s “faith” and turning their asses out!

Anyway, so she invited me to come with her to her church, after I made a suggestion that we go movies. But I declined by not showing up.

So guys, my theory/belief (based on experience) is this: religious girls will fall eventually! They almost always do (in my case), and succumb to my sexual, forward, bad boy style! It’s all about the frame: “Stronger Frame Wins”! And my frame is always stronger!

I know lots of guys who wouldn’t even waste time trying to game a girl who’s putting up such resistance. But I LOVE pushing the limits and gradually breaking down a girl’s resistance! It is the height of Game! 

So…I’ll keep you chodes posted. The fact that she’d invited me to go to church with her [last Sunday], after saying she knows my intention is to fuck (which is clear), it means that she’s open to the idea of having sex…or else she wouldn’t have dared invited me to be in her presence.

You have to learn how to read women, their true/hidden intent, the gaps in their armor which will enable you to seduce them!

As for being Persistent (which she claims I am); women love a guy who’s persist! What kills most guys is that they persist with a desperate aura. I persist without seeming desperate! A woman most times just want to see how bad you want it/her! That’s why you should plow/persist to the bitter fucking end! But do it SMARTLY like you see me doing! Play to the girl’s sense of taboo! If she’s a religious gal; present yourself as this rebellious heathenish, bad boy looking to seduce her!!

Think Even and the snake in the garden! Religious women love to feel that they’re doing something wrong or rebellious!

Lastly, go for the harder sets (also)!!! It’s a much more rewarding feeling to know that you conquered a girl who was playing hard to get at first. I know for me personally, I always prefer to game girls who give me trouble. If she seems too easy, I would intentionally do/say something to ruffle her feathers and make things rocky, because I know the reward in the end (sex) would be 10 times as satisfying.

Think makeup sex after a fight. No greater feeling! Your Game should resemble makeup sex after fighting.

#TheyLoveBadBoys #PlayToTheTaboo

That seduction attempt is currently ongoing.

Will keep you guys posted!

2 thoughts on “What About The Presumed Harder Sets…Such As Religious Girls?

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  1. Hello, Did you eventually finish the ebook “Sexually Ravage Her” I saw most of your other books on your site except this one. If it’s available, can you please send me a link to purchase it ?



    1. Honestly, I’m not quite sure that I had an e-book in the pipeline with that title. Perhaps an extensive article of that title…which I wrote about before. But anyway Akinsola, thanks for the reminder bro


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