Familiarity Kills Your Chances With Women…Part III! Why You Should Only Game Total Strangers!

Hey guys, I’ve touched on this subject in the past. But after continual exposure to this game theory of mines, it has only managed to reaffirm and solidify how factual this is (at least for me).

Trying to game, pick up and or bang girls with whom you are already acquainted, will be an uphill battle!

In fact- “uphill”- is a gross understatement! But we’ll work with that for now as an almost perfect visual of how it is to game a familiar lass.

Before I delve into the intricacies of how and why, I’d like to lay the table with the following piece of stat:

Over the last 5 years since I’d fully immersed myself into Facebook game (that is: picking up girls on Facebook), in spite of massive successes out the wazoo, managing to sleep with numerous new girls each week, none of them were girls whom I knew personally.

Was this by design?

Of course not!

Surely I would’ve loved to have shagged quite a handful of girls whom I was acquainted with. But something odd kept occurring whenever I would endeavor to take that leap (largely through social media).

Saying that mouthful to say: I’d gamed tons of familiar girls on Facebook over the years, but yielded mediocre results in return on my investments!

I couldn’t quite grasp why it was so difficult to get dates and sleep with girls who already knew me pretty well!

To me, it should’ve been a fucking slam dunk!

What I didn’t realize at first, before I really took it upon myself to crazily deconstruct this, is that familiarity kills attraction!

The more a girl knows of you, the less likely she is to sleep with you!

The giant-looming question is WHY?

“Why would girls not want to sleep with guys whom they know”!?

For clarity sake, I must specify this with a bit of a caveat here: the only exception to this quagmire is if you’re a guy who’s a total rockstar, a jock or a known ladies’ man by those women who know you pretty well.

Barring that, trying to sleep with a girl who knows your personality (being sucky) will have been an almost futile bang mission: even for the best of us.

Now, to pose and answer the question which begs itself: why is it so challenging to take to bed a girl who knows you?

Well, as the title clearly says: familiarity kills your chances.

Familiarity kills attraction.

The question is: “Why”!? “Why is it that a girl being familiar with you, kills your chances of bedding her”?

Here’s the thing, when a girl is familiar with you, perhaps she’s heard of your reputation (and it sucks), a quasi-first impression gets set. And you know the old adage: first impressions are lasting!

Thus, that is pretty much what it comes down to; once a girl already has an impression of you (from being familiar with you), no matter what you do, say or try from thenceforth, her impression remains fixed!

Contrarily, if for instance this girl doesn’t know you- such as a random stranger whom you DM on social media- she would not have had an impression of you since she doesn’t know a thing about you.

With that being said, you as the total stranger- the guy- has a golden opportunity to create any impression you please, and the girl will have no other choice but to accept you at face value.

If you’re like me, then you set a killer impression from the get-go, then that becomes lasting!

Moreover- and not to be redundant- what kills us when trying to game girls whom we are always familiar with, is that we don’t get a chance to set that killer impression from jump.

Now, as I eluded to at the top of the post, the few guys who are successful at shagging chicks whom they know, what gives them that edge is that they would’ve already been seen as someone of value in those women’s eyes…because of a solid (first) impression.

With gaming a total stranger, you get the opportunity to set that solid first impression!

Oh- before I forget- as for trying to sleep with female coworkers, it kind of varies based on certain variables. And there’s a slight exception because of the workplace environment.

In other words; girls don’t go to work expecting to get seduced by males around the office…unless they have the hots for some hunk on the job site.

With that being the case (women not expecting to get seduced on their jobs), even if a hot female coworker becomes familiar with you, and your first impression was of a lame-ass Beta Male; you still have a shot at seducing her…however slimish.

I just had to drop that little caveat in there.

2 thoughts on “Familiarity Kills Your Chances With Women…Part III! Why You Should Only Game Total Strangers!

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  1. I have to disagree with you. It’s because people place others in categories which ultimately kills attraction caused they figured you out already, there is no imagination. It is possible to date someone who is familiar with you, just contradict their expectation of you. Like the jock who writes beatiful poetry or the nice guy who put a girl in her place or the player who’s becomes a big brother to someone. Be more than what they think you are and they’ll try to figure you out. simply coming off as a player is boring cause what’s there to figure out?


    1. But we’re practically saying the same thing. I don’t see where the disagreement comes in

      As for the player part, how is that boring to women, when the vast majority of women who are sexually active gravitate to men who have other women


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