Getting Away With Murder!!!

The 9th of February was my birthday, so I posted the following status to my Facebook.

This U.K. chick obviously didn’t get the memo.

On that note, I was prompted to post the following status as edification for younger PUA’s who don’t quite understand the mindset of how and why I get away with murder!

I get lots of guys who ask me:

“Kenny, how is it you get away with saying forward and crazy shit to women on Facebook (via inbox) without them taking offense, deleting and blocking you!? And why do girls always seem to take your forward shit (via inbox) with laughter rather than anger and being weirded out!? And these same girls you ultimately get their #, date and have sex with them!? What gives”!?

The thing is guys; girls will only get offended by your forwardness, rudeness and provocativeness if they don’t see you as a guy of value!! Moreover, women only feel disrespected when they get approached/hit up/inboxed by guys whom they deem unworthy, low value and weak! 

Hence, women RARELY ever get offended by my shenanigans in their inbox because they see me as a guy having equal to more value than they have! So they will likely take my rudeness as a positive…which breeds attraction! 

Imagine if a President, a rockstar, a celeb: Lil Wayne, Brad Pitt, Will Smith, etc. or any guy of perceived higher value, were to say something disrespectful and rude to a woman whom they were hitting on, would they likely take offense to it? NO!!!! Of course not! Because those guys (due to status) are deemed valuable in the eyes of women. Hence, women will almost always excuse their rudeness.
Well- I am clearly no celebrity rockstar- but why do I manage to almost ALWAYS get away with being forward with women (via inbox), by making them laugh and want to meet up and fuck me, instead of running for the hills from a perverted, creepy stranger (me)?

That is because I manage to successfully give off this high-value impression/vibe that an entertainer/rockstar/rapper gives off to women!
By what means- and how- do I give off this high value vibe?

Simply by being unbridled, unstifled, opinionated, provocative, rudish and free-spirited through the stuff I post.
That’s it!!!!

Whenever women read my stuff, on a subconscious level (without them even knowing), they go: “If this guy is willing to publicly put himself and his ideas out there so boldly and regularly without apology, then he must be the shit! He must be someone! He must be high-value”!!

With that internal respect for my boldness and brashness that only men of value possess, women instantly become attracted, and instantly excuse my behavior as normal…hence they don’t get offended at all whenever I slide in their inboxes with some forward and sexual shit right out the gate!

Now, if the average Joe tries this, he will undoubtedly be chided out, scolded, rejected, put on blast and exposed via screenshots, mocked and shamed, deleted then blocked…for good measures.  

Such backlash absolutely NEVER happens to me! Why not? Because again; I am deemed valuable in the girl’s eyes (because of the way I post), therefore I am granted immunity and excuse to where I’m allowed to say anything without paying a price, without being deemed weird, without being scolded and cussed out, etc.
Again: if Brad Pitt, Lil Wayne, Drake or any rapper or actor were to inbox some chick about wanting to fuck, they would NEVER get scolded, and chicks would never get offended!
So, whenever I hit “message/inbox” and the girl receives my colorful message, because of what she’s accustomed to seeing me post (provocative, rude, outspoken, etc), she instantly grants me celeb-status immunity to where she expects to be objectified and spoken to in forward, blunt fashion.

So…if you’re wondering why and how I get away with my shit in a girl’s inbox; you just had your answer!

#ActLikeACeleb #BeProvocative #BeRebellious

6 thoughts on “Getting Away With Murder!!!

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  1. Hi Kenny If a woman contacts you online like this woman did. She already has a opinion that you are a Alpha male. The men that contact a woman & become sexual will get blocked & ignored. Tell the guys not to do this. The rules can be ignored if you are a Alpha male.


    1. Great Great point JM! I agree with you 1000%! And that is why I added a semi-disclaimer by explaining to guys why and how I get away with this stuff. It boils down to the fact that these women would’ve already perceived me an Alpha. So the advice to guys here is to embody an Alpha vibe so they can too get away with it


    1. Good question. You may not like the answer. But here’s the thing:

      1st way: when you cold contact a girl on social media and she doesn’t follow you therefore she isn’t aware of the type of stuff you post, she will instantly browse your timeline to get an idea of your personality via your posts. So even if the girl doesn’t know a thing about you (and your posts), once she gets your message she will browse your timeline.

      2nd thing: your approach/opener/ice breaker alone will tell women whether you’re Alpha or a kiss-ass Beta.


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