The Fast Vs The Slow Contrasts You Ought To Be Aware Of When Pikcing Up Women

Some days ago, I published a very short post about a girl who’d rightfully and expectedly rejected me on the basis that the chemistry between us died because I took too long to try to seal the deal.

Some hours ago, I posted a field-report series of me picking up a total stranger on Facebook (albeit she turned out to be my ex’s friend), to then bedding her in less than 72 hours later.

On 1 hand: I got punished for taking too long to sleep with girl 1. On the other hand, I was royally rewarded for trying to sleep with girl 2 in record time.

This contradicts what we commonly come to learn in the world of dating, that women react positively to men who take it slow.

This is NOT so!

Upon meeting a new girl, you are essentially on a proverbial time-clock: try to meet up with her fast in hopes of sealing the deal, or else you run a real risk of getting blown out by virtue of time alone.

At the end of the day, girls want to hook up with guys whom they’d just met! Because of social condemnation, they (women) aren’t at liberty to divulge this piece of information with the male populace.

Therefore, as an astute pick-up artist, I am duty bound to share with you those hidden desires and wants of women.

Wih that being said as far as it being to your benefit to act swiftly, I want you to deduce that exact point from this brief post of mines [act fast].

I mean, we were somewhat taught by the mainstreams of dating that one (the guy) should wait before trying to get a new girl out on a date.

This is why typically whenever a guy picks up a girl, he tend do allow some weeks to blow by while thinking he has to firstly “get to know the girl” before suggesting a so-called date.

Coupled with that is the impression that he must wait in order to set himself up as non-desperate and non-needy.

“Waiting” doesn’t make you look non-desperate! It makes you look socially inept and un-savvy.

Moreover, another reason why guys make the blunder of believing that they have to wait before suggesting a date, is the fact or notion that “women want to meet up so quickly”.

Clearly this is not factual, as I demonstrate the contrast time after time, that women are perfectly okay with meeting up within hours and days of meeting a new guy.

If you had read a recent post of mines about attraction having an expiration date, that would’ve summarily cleared that up for you guys.

Quit relaxing on your laurels and act fast!

If you manage to get a girl’s contact info today, try to meet up with her as soon as possible! And by “ASAP”, I mean the next fucking day! If not- then the next day that you are available to meet up- and hopefully for you, that is within a week or less time frame!

Now, I’m not saying that you can’t put things off. I generally and genuinely cannot meet up within a week’s time with 70% of the new girls I pick up.

However, I almost never pay a price for this somewhat procrastination, because I’m ultra-skilled in the art of seduction and my knowledge of women on an intricate level, both of which allow me to seamlessly res-park chemistry and attraction as if it were day 1.

What's your view?

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