Banging Ex-Girlfriend’s Friend- Weekend Field Report- Part I: Pulling Via Facebook

While doing my usual facebooking, posting, commenting and inboxing, I came across the profile of a girl who immediately grabbed my attention.

I casually hit the add button and went about my business, anticipating notification that she’d accepted my friend request.

Within minutes: I received such notification. 🙂


My strategy was to draw her in (essentially attract her) with my provocative posts, so I did just that.

Later on that day, I inboxed her as my spidey senses told me that she was ripe and ready to be gamed.

I will start from the point during the conversation where she asks me if I happen to know a Kimberly.

[Her msgs in gray]

[My msgs in blue]

I posted the following to my Facebook to address what it is I’m going to do here in relation to her saying that my ex told her I used to hit her (which is total BULL)!

So earlier today, this seemingly random chick hits me up on Facebook, so I chatted her up, gamed her up and set up a movie date for tomorrow night. Little did I know; she wasn’t just some random chick, but she’s a friend of my ex.

In any case, during the chat, she said that my ex told her that I used to hit her (utter BS). So I pretended as though I was offended and was about to call off our movie-date rendezvous for tomorrow night.

In a sense it was a way for me to find out whether she’d panic and chase once she realizes I was about to call off the date. BTW, I have no issues with banging my ex’s friend(s). She wants the D; she’s gonna get the D!

All in all guys, it comes down to your Game (or lack thereof), and your ability to flip the frame to your advantage.

There should be zero doubt as to whether she’s DTF or not.

A guy asked me the other day via Facebook, “Kenny, how do you manage to always get girls to open up sexually within a heartbeat”!

The answer is simple- as it was with this girl- I give off a nonjudgmental vibe with every girl I meet.

Coupled with that, I give women the okay to be slutty and sexual.

Anyway guys, this is just part 2 of 4. So it was all set: movie date on Saturday night.

Stay tuned.

By the way, if you want to learn how to easily pick up total strangers on Facebook as you see me do repeatedly, I implore you to purchase my latest Facebook product at the link below!

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