Banging Ex-Girlfriend’s Friend- Weekend Field Report- Part 4: “Is This B**ch Standing Me Up”?

Okay, so at this point- Saturday evening- I had just purchased 2 ticked to see a movie called Split.

Remind you: I hate movies! I hate fictional films! And I hate watching television, films of any sort (I had stopped watching TV about 6 years ago). So purchasing movie tickets was a hassle for me. But I managed to do so.

After grabbing the tickets, I went to a KFC which was about half a bloc from the cinema.

I bought me something to eat, and something for the girl to eat also, as I await her arrival.

At KFC alone…waiting

She was taking considerably a long time after telling me she would’ve been here 15 minutes ago.

I began to think that perhaps she flaked on me.

I then received a message from her saying something to the effect that she cannot locate a bus to get into the city, so she decided to call her aunt instead for a lift.

[Her msgs in white]

[Her msgs in white]

[Her msgs in white]

She eventually showed up shortly afterwards while I stood outside of the KFC.

We walked off and headed to see Split.

I took a selfie of us as we walked to the movies.

Stay tuned!

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