The Unintended Consequence Of Having Too Much Options

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Days ago, I posted this conversation to Facebook in order to illustrate a point about attraction and chemistry having expiration dates.

Here’s the extensive quoted post just to bring that point home.

“Chemistry & Attraction Have An Expiration Date”. About 3 months back, I picked up this skinny chick (total stranger as usual) on Facebook after laying down my killer-online Game upon her. She was totally DTF from the gate, totally into me on every level! But because of my hectic schedule (dating, fucking and partying), I wasn’t able to meet up with her in order to seal the deal. I knew I ran the risk of killing my chances to f-close her as time went by. So a few days ago, I contacted her about coming over to her place. She told me straight up that the chemistry basically died (as I suspected). 

So guys, the lesson here from this blunder of mines is simple: try to meet up with the girl and fuck her ASAP!!! Do so before the attraction and chemistry she has for you and with you die! Guys seem to think that once they manage to game and pick up a girl, she’ll remain game and DTF indefinitely. Big mistake! Attraction and chemistry will expire the longer you wait to fuck a new girl! Hence, it is always to your benefit to try to sleep with the girl right away!! Don’t wait a week! Don’t wait 3 days! Try to meet up with her within 1-2 days while things are still sizzling hot before it wears off!

Unfortunately for me with this girl, because I’m dating and fucking a number of other girls, I just didn’t have the time nor the drive to meet with her sooner. And since I have tons of options; rejecting me didn’t affect me 1 bit. I respected her honesty. So I casually deleted her # and kept it moving! I could’ve easily gamed her up again in order to re-spark the attraction…but for what…when I have other options?
So there are 2 lessons here for you guys: 

1.) Try to fuck the girl right away before the chemistry expires!

2.) Have abundance of women…or at least a few options! This is the buffer in the event where a girl rejects you.
So…anyway, as sexy and DTF as this girl was for me when I picked her up 3 months ago; I have no issues with her rejecting me when I contacted her earlier in the week about meeting up.

Apart from the obvious which was explained from my quotation [one should act swiftly because attraction will die], I just wanted to highlight the importance of having an abundance of women to play with (and I meant that figuratively).

If and when one or a few falls off by the wayside, it’d be akin to a tree falling in the forest.

2 thoughts on “The Unintended Consequence Of Having Too Much Options

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  1. Hi Kenny I can understand why the woman did not want to continue the seduction. You did not do what was required to build the Attraction & Chemistry. You left her partly wanting you & then it fizzled out because you did not have the time for her. With communication over a period of time a woman can fall in love with you. Women are emotional. Men are logical. As a man I do not fall in love with a woman as quickly as a woman does. When she has these feelings she will do anything sexual with you. She wants your babies. No other man has a chance with her. She is totally besotted & in love.

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