“I Don’t Do Social Media/Tinder/Online-Dating Sites”: Trick To Easily Getting A Girl’s Phone Number…Online [Examples From Cassidy Sinatra]iuI

There’s a little trick which I use sparingly over the years in order to force a girl to give me her phone number.

Last night, a buddy of mines, fellow PUA coach (Cassidy Sinatra), posted the following screenshots to his Facebook.

I was shocked to see that he used the exact same format which I used a time or 2 in the past. Pay close attention to the very last screenshot.

See what he did there?

“I don’t so social media…”.

That’s the trick!

Simple, wasn’t it?

For instance, when a girl suggests connecting on (another) social-media site, you can always say to her, “I don’t do social media like that”.

The same can be said when meeting girls on online-dating sites and they suggest or hint at following each other on social media, or adding each other on Facebook. Simply say, “I don’t do Facebook”. Or, “I don’t have a Facebook”.

You get the point, right?

Whenever I’d done this in the past (chatting up a girl on Facebook), this was the format used:

Me: “Hey, by the way, I’m rarely ever on Facebook. I literally check my messages once every 2 months. So…it’s best we exchange numbers”.

This doesn’t have to be factual 1 bit! The point is, you want to propel the girl into coughing up her number through fear of losing you.

By saying to the girl, “I don’t do Facebook”, or, “I don’t do Tinder. Don’t know how longer I would be on here”, you force her hand (proverbially).

Now, there’s a little catch to this. I think “catch” is the wrong word, so bear with me.

In order for this to work for you, you would’ve needed to attract the girl on some level before telling her you don’t do this or that, and you’d want her # instead.

For instance, if your text game sucks ass, there’s no chance in hell that you could successfully use this trick to get the girl to cough up her digits.

She will simply laugh at you and keep it moving.

Hence, the success of this simple trick is relevant only to the amount of perceived value the girl has for you.

This (perceived value and attraction) can be sparked solely by having a solid opener and an interesting follow-up sequence.

For example; you cannot do the following and expect to get the girl’s number.

You: “Hi”

Girl: “Hi”

You: “How are you”?

Girl: “Good”

You: “You are beautiful”

Girl: “Thank you”

You: “You have a boyfriend”?

Girl: “Single”

You: “I don’t usually use Facebook. kinda tired of it actually. Let’s exchange number’s instead”.

That is terrible text game! Ironically, that is how most guys kick off their conversations.

Now, here’s how you should do it (as an example) in order to create attraction, interest and value for the quick number-close trick.

You: “They say girls from your city don’t know how to have fun. You seem quite fun to me”

Girl: “LOL why do they say that? My first time hearing that. And yes I’m fun”

You: “Screw them. We don’t need to address the naysayers. Since you’re fun and I’m fun, let’s become fun buddies”

Girl: “LOL. Fine. That sounds interesting”

You: “By the way, I don’t do social media. It’s kinda annoying getting tons of messages per day on here, so I won’t be logging on for a while. Let’s exchange #’s instead”.

That’s how you do it.

You open with an interesting opener, get the girl engaged and laughing, which builds interest and attraction, and then you go for the # close via the “trick”.

Did you see there difference there between the 2 mock dialogues?

The one (in red) was bland, boring and typical of every AFC chode online.

The 2nd mock dialogue is what you should aim for.

If you look back at the screenshots above from Sinatra, you would see how and why he was able to get the girl’s #.

Now, just as I mentioned at the top of the post: I don’t usually close that fast by using this little trick. It is something that I’ve done years ago [telling the girl I don’t use this or that platform so let’s exchange #’s].

However, there are ample situations where and when I could’ve opened solidly, charm the girl up, then go straight for the number while telling the girl that I don’t do Facebook/social media.

In any case, if you wish to utilize this “trick” in order to get the girl’s phone #, it can be done on any platform: social media or online-dating site.

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