Another Easy Online Pickup [Forgotten Girls]

I’m sure you remember the following interaction (the opener) which I posted some weeks back in order to demonstrate how to open total strangers online with sexualized comments.

I’d totally forgotten about that girl. But that interaction had continued. So here’s the complete dialogue.

[Her messages in gray]

Above screenshot: since telling her I would message her back sometime after Christmas, I purposely waited until the 2nd of January to appear non-needy. So that’s why she said she was waiting since boxing day.

By the way, she’s not fat. But I used that line as a Neg when I made mention of her gaining 70 lbs. over the holiday.

[Her texts in gray]

Screenshot above: I dropped some sexual innuendos when I said to her that she could burn off the calories by doing something besides exercise (i.e. sex).

From that comment, I was setting a sexual frame. Essentially, I was letting her know that my intentions are of a sexual nature, and not just to become text buddies.

Note: never compliment a hot girl on her beauty. So, how did I compliment her? On her humor, and the fact that she enjoys a good laugh. My compliment also had a greater impact when I mentioned that it’s kinda rare to come across a girl with a combination of looks and humor (though I never directly mentioned looks).

In any case, I went straight to the point: to meet up. FYI: I always keep my dwelling place vague as I’d pointed out in numerous posts. Girls generally get mixed messages on my location. Some think I live in their town. Others think I live out of the country completely (outside of the Caribbean region that is). Why do I do this? To create an air of mystery surrounding myself. So I told this chick that I usually come to her side of the island biweekly- when in fact- I live on her side of the island.

[Her messages in gray]

Screenshot above: she verified that she doesn’t work on weekends (nights). So that is perfect for logistics. Lately, I’ve been coming across lots of women who work nightly on weekends. So this was refreshing to say the least.

I then told her where my hostel’s (guest house) located, and she’s familiar with the area.

Screenshot above: the thing is, I never grabbed her # from the last we spoke. So I messaged her today [January 16th] and got the easy number.

In any case, that was just another example of an easy-breezy pickup of a total stranger over Facebook.

I’d forgotten about her honestly since I picked up so many other chicks prior to her.

Easy Guide To Picking Up Girls On Facebook

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