Spotting Token Resistance, Plowing By Feigning Ignorant And Getting The Girl To Chase [textbook online pull]

Token resistance coming from a woman being pursued, usually throws guys off.

Token resistance is so indiscernible for most men, that I even get advanced PUA dating coaches hitting me up on Facebook, wanting to know why a particular girl suddenly went from down to not down within a heartbeat. So token resistance can even throw off the elite in Game since there’s no clear indication to point to token or real.

In this post however, I will show you how a recently picked up chick (via Facebook) gave me (token) resistance, then wind up chasing me to death within minutes!

Before I get into the actual pickup with screenshots as your guide, I just want to give you guys little heads up in regards to token resistance: every woman will have put up some form of (token) resistance throughout the pickup, and even while you have her in bed ready to slay [LMR=”Last Minute ‘Resistance’ “].

What happen though is that most guys- since men are fucking clueless- get psyched out by the girl’s sham attempt at resistance and rejection.

In this post, I will show you how to handle that in 2 ways, by simply plowing and feigning ignorant.

Anyway, 3 days ago, I came across a chick on Facebook, apparently a MILF who passed my proverbial boner-test, so as part of my pre-game method, I briefly scanned her profile to ensure that I encounter in the bio, evidence that she lives nearby, as in the same city or town, so that I don’t waste valuable time gaming a chick, to then find out that she lives in fucking Antarctica! So she passed that prerequisite, and that was my cue to proceed with the seduction.

By the way, if you could recall, this is the same girl with whom I was chatting in the previous post. However, this is a continuation of that interaction.

[My messages in blue]

Screenshot 1 (above): she was correct. That was a routine and a way for me to inbox her by setting myself apart from the boring losers who open with, “good morning. How are you”? So she realizes that this was “creative”.

Always learn how to seize opportunities to go sexual and forward as when I told her that I’m sexually attracted to her and want to impregnate her. I knew she would find it humorous and not offensive! You should adopt such a frame also by spotting those windows of opportunity to go sexual early!

As usual, my uncanny approach and lines catch women off guard, which was why she said she wasn’t ready…meaning ready for me going sexual so soon with a total stranger [her]. Always shock a woman’s reality and what she believes is normal, by doing/saying something out the box! Be unpredictable! That is the only way in which to captivate and hold a new girl’s attention!

You have to remember that women online have the attention span of an ant! You must do/say something shocking in order to register on their radar, or else they’ll just ignore you!

Also, by me going sexual, forward and intimate by saying I want to cuddle her body like a blanket, what I’m actually doing here, apart from the obvious, is that I’m killing any chance of the girl thinking that I’m looking friendship or anything non-sexual. By going sexual early, you ward off the friendzone!

Also, she issues her first token resistance by saying I don’t know her. Most guys would hesitate at that point.

Screenshot 2 (above): in response to her comment about she could be a psycho bitch, and that I don’t know her [token resistance], I sent an emoji of a weeping puppy just to show humor. I then strategically made a case for why it doesn’t matter if she’s a psycho, I am willing to take the risk! Remember what I’ve been preaching to you guys over the weeks: women love risk takers!

Additionally, I kept mixing sexual with humor, just so she clearly knows my intention is to hook up. Hence the reason for making mention of her rack/big boobs. Note: most guys would never do this (and definitely not strategically) because of fear of losing the girl by offending her. I don’t give a fuck! That is the vibe I give off. I take the risk in losing the girl by making sexual declarations. Did I lose her?

Clearly not!

Now, when I told her that I checked out 100 of her pics and seen how fuckable she is, most guys- at least the ones privy to pickup theory- would surmise that my comment was needy and shows desperation. What those guys don’t realize is that the girl darn well knows that I did NOT go through 100 of her pictures, and it was just humor! Women get this! Women are very fucking perceptive and are clairvoyant! This is why she wasn’t weirded out by my comment, but she laughed and said “you are killing me”, which meant that she is totally cracking up at what I said. So she clearly gets the humor in it, even when I said that I’m a stalker!

Okay, so she went on to ask me about the work I do. Note: whenever a girl pushes rapport/comfort, it is almost always a sign that she’s interested in you. In other words, by her asking me FIRST about my occupation (any personal question), it was an indication of her interest! If she wasn’t interested, she wouldn’t care to ask that.

She thought I was BS’ing about being a dating coach, likely because she’d probably never heard of guys teaching other guys how to attract women and get dates. Also, she probably would not have expected a guy to be so transparent about such work. However, as I shared with you guys a while back: women are attracted to players, ladies’ men, womanizers, etc. Men teaching men how to attract girls, essentially lumps me into the so-called deplorable basket where womanizers dwell. So, never lie to women about having interest in women! I am actually the first PUA on a coaching level (any level for that matter) who publicly advocated for guys to not hide the fact that they are Pick-Up Artists practitioners or coaches.

Along with telling her that I’m a dating coach for men, I added some intriguing element to it by telling her that it’s a guarded secret that I don’t tell people. What does this do on a psychological level to the girl? It builds intrigue in her mind. It gives her the sense of exclusivity, that I’m cluing her in on something that is exclusive and guarded. Think secret society type of allure.

Screenshot 3 (above): always presume and assume! I made an assumption that we both like meeting new and interesting people. This doesn’t have to be factual. Just say it! Just assume it! It is a light form of embedded commands as they teach in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). By me saying that to her (that she likes meeting interesting new people), as the one who made that assumption, she will likely link me to those keywords “Interesting and new”. So I bypass her conscious brain and embed a soft command into her Hind brain (aka the Reptilian Brain), into her subconscious, to where she will then link me with “new, and interesting”. That is some advanced NLP stuff which I’ll share with you guys in a future article.

Strong-sexual declarations are key!

Thus I told her we’ll be making sex on her desk (since she’s a teacher). What does she do? She issues “TOKEN” resistance by saying that I don’t know her like that, and essentially, we shouldn’t be having this conversation (it’s “premature”…in her words). I recognized it was token/fake resistance, mainly because I elicited it and caused it to happen, so I bantered with it by telling her I like the getting to know each other process.

Also, by her calling me a gigolo, it’s essentially confirmation of her being down with my sexual program. You have to be able to spot these little cracks and cues whenever a girl speaks. They verbally (or textually) reveal stuff in coded language. Only few can decipher them (few men that is). With time and experience, you’ll be able to read women like a book also! But it takes time, which most men aren’t patient enough to take!

Anyway, sensing that she’s already attracted to me [my sexual, uncanny and forward vibe], I make my pitch for the rendezvous. Always get to the point so the girl doesn’t get the impression that you’re merely interested in texting just to merely pass some time.

[My messages in blue]

Screenshot 4 (above): so when I asked her about weekend plans, she sent me a video clip with snow. Essentially trying to say that she’s snowed in. And furthermore, she’s not in the islands where I thought she was. So that is why I asked if she’s in Canada or something.

She suddenly realized that we’d interacted before. I actually didn’t remember. But this could’ve been true since I generally give my out-of-the-box take on love, relationship, sex and the sexes on various Facebook pages about said topics. I mean, I am sometimes all over the place (Facebook) opining on male-female relations. And I’m quite sure she and I had interacted since she’s nailed down my ideals correctly in saying that I had “interesting” (code word for eyebrow-raising and radical) ideas on men’s roles [should be leading], place of women [should not be leading men] and marriage [that monogamous marriages are flawed institutions that go against a man’s nature]. So yea: this chick has definitely ran into me before (online).

I basically ignored what she said about our possible interactions in the past, to stick with the theme of meeting up at my hotel. Again: she hit me with some token/fake resistance by saying that she isn’t a “good time girl”. In other words, she meant that she isn’t the hookup type. I blocked out her following line since it contained sensitive information as far as her work (teaching), name of the school, etc. So she tried to say that since she teaches at so and so prestigious academy, she cannot afford to do things outside of character…which is BS!

Anyways, whenever a girl accuses you of wanting to hook up, you either double down on it by owning it, or you downplay it as I did, by saying that it’s not about a hookup. In other words, hooking up isn’t the sole idea. What you don’t want to do, is to say to her that hooking up is totally off the table. Just find a way to communicate to her that hooking up isn’t the only thing on your mind. Or you full on, shamelessly say “yes! Hooking up is what it’s about”! Either way, this girl here knows my schtick, that I am all about hooking up! I never hid that! So no matter what I say, subcommunications speak louder.

As you could see, she wasn’t buying it (that it wasn’t all about a hookup). The reason I played it that way is because I sensed a thirst/desperation trap. I felt that she was trying to trap me between a rock and a hard place about hooking up. So the best thing for me to have done was what I did by letting her know plainly that I would want to, and I do want to fuck the crap out of her, but if she isn’t down, then it’s all good.

She offered some more token resistance by saying “I’ll pass”, in other words, she’s not interested in meeting up with me because she believes that I would essentially seduce her and fuck her. This was also confirmation that she’s in fact down, but is merely resisting out of custom. So I played it cool and feigned ignorant.

Also, when she mentioned “LJBF”: Let’s just Be Friends, this was NOT a friendzone! I repeat: she did not (attempt to) friendzone me! I gave her not 1 shred of reason to ever think that I was a friendzone candidate. So by her saying, “we can be friends”, it was essentially her saying, “we could be fuck friends”, but cloaked in “friends”. So guys, you ought to learn how to read women and their bag of psychological tricks! You must be able to see through it, feign ignorant, but plow as if what they said wasn’t uttered at all.

Moreover, she playfully hinted at me offering to meet up with her on a date (in public). So she surely wants to meet up, which is why she said “we could make it happen”. Already sensing that she’s DTF, and that her “friends” line meant “fuck” friends, I agreed to being “friends”.

[My messages in blue]

Screenshot 5 (above): even though she said she doesn’t want to meet in private, I stayed the course and gave her details about my location (the hotel), and how often I come to her part of town. By my next visit, she would’ve returned from North America, which meant we could meet. As I eluded to earlier, she’s super willing to meet up with me, indicative of the fact that she said “we have a date then”. As something to take note of: no girl gets excited about going on a date with a guy whom she deems as “just friends”. So again; she did not friendzone me at all! It was a ploy on her part, and I played it smartly by feigning ignorant.

Anyway, she clearly knew where my hotel is, as she listed about 5 establishments surrounding the hotel, hence she said “so many options”. The reason this worked out to be perfect is that, let’s say that she doesn’t want to come straight to my hotel room, we can always meet up for the so-called date at the wine bar that she recognizes which is adjacent to the hotel. In such a close proximity, there’s nothing standing in the way of me saying to her, “let’s go check out my hotel balcony! You will love the awesome view”! Think strategically when it comes down to planning date logistics! Always take the girl somewhere within walking distance from your resting place!

Following that (she saying that “we have a date”), there came the greatest admission of her attraction for me, interest in me, and indication that she’s hooked on the idea of meeting with me (intimately and romantically), when she rang me 3 times back to back via Messenger, without me telling/asking her to call. And to top that off as you can clearly see in the screenshot above, she gave me her phone # without me even asking. This was a sure sign of her interest in me.

By the way, I purposely decided not to take her call as a way to get her to chase me even harder.

Before that though, I rang her back (as you could see in the screenshot), she answered, and I went on to tell her in no uncertain terms are we meeting without hooking up.

After she’d given me her # (without me asking), she went on to ring me again via Messenger (to no avail as I refused to answer.)

By the way, if you notice in the bottom screenshot (on the left), after her missed-call attempts, she sent me a 41 seconds voice note of herself breathing hard and moaning with a faint vibrator sound in the background.

That told me that she was masturbating at the very moment when she tried to call me the last time. Clearly this girl is sexually aroused by me and over the idea of meeting me and hooking up. But you would’ve never guessed this, judging by her token/fake resistance, and she saying that she isn’t the hookup type, and that she wants to be friends only, etc.

I shortly afterwards gave her my phone number, so she then went on to hit me up on Whatsapp (in the very last screenshot), asking why I thought she was a willing victim? By that I figured she meant why I targeted her for a hookup campaign. I wisely let her know that I don’t see her as an easy slut, but a challenge.

Whenever a girl asks such questions (“do you think I’m easy”), remember it is a trick question, so always tell her that you see her as a challenge, and that you like a challenge. Even though you know she’s easy (as all girls are to me), you clearly cannot say that to the girl (that she’s easy). So exaggerate about how much of a challenge she is!

In other words: feign being that ignorant person.

On that note, I implore you to re-read this post, study the dialogue and take note of the points where the girl dishes out token resistance. Also make a mental note of my reactions.

Believe it or not, but most times, you (the man) is responsible for killing your own chances with women via your poor belief system (limiting beliefs) and misreading of women (their actions and words).

Token/fake resistance for instance is 1 such place where men fall short of getting the girl because they misread it (token resistance) for the real thing.

In the same breath, token resistance is a congruence test, where the girl tests the guy to see whether he’ll fall for the trap, or elude it skillfully.

A perfect example of this (token/resistance built into a congruence test) is when a girl says something like: “You seem like the player type and I don’t think we would get along well. So I would have to politely decline your date proposal”.

Now, if the girl was truly disinterested in a possible date, and if she was truly turned off by this player vibe which she detects from you, then this wouldn’t even become a mention.

Would a girl waste her time saying to a pesky vagrant on the streets asking her out, “you’re not my type”?

Of course not! She would simply keep it moving without saying a word.

Likewise, if a girl online is truly disinterested, she would ignore your messages flat out. And even then, there’s always a remote possibility that she is interested, but is just going through the motions and playing hard-to-get in order to see whether you’ll pursue her or not.

With that being said, my rule is, and this should also be your guideline: as long as the girl replies then it’s still on!

You still have a shot!

The only time that you don’t have a shot is if and when the girl elects to not reply at all!

Hence, if you’re trying to pick up a girl online, and along the way (presuming the chat is going well), and she hits you with, “I have a boyfriend, so no thanks”: Plow forth anyway!

Chances are, it is just token/fake resistance!

The girl merely wants to see how persistent you are (or not).

If you check back the chatlog above between this MILF and me, there were about 4 instances of token resistance where I could’ve given up from misinterpreting her words as a rejection.

However, through vast amounts of experiences, I come to know how women think and behave.

On that note, and from now on, I want you to look at rejection and resistance in a brand-new light.

If a girl (online for instance) says something to you that resembles a rejection, I want you to disregard what she said, or either acknowledge it in passing, but plow anyway with your program (continuing the pickup attempt as you seen me do).

Don’t get befuddled!

Plow until she either gets on board or she flat-out ignores you.

Now, I don’t mean to plow foolishly by begging, chasing and whining.

As you seen in the screenshots, when she said “sorry but no thanks” to the rendezvous on my hotel balcony, I didn’t throw in the towel in the face of her token rejection/resistance.

What she said virtually went through 1 ear and out the other, I plowed anyway by telling her the location of the hotel and asked if she knew where it was.

I didn’t allow her objections to derail my mission!

Stay tuned for a very interesting article on how to captivate and hold a woman’s attention (online), something which you see me do within every pickup.

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  1. Token Resistance, Hi Kenny. Your understanding of women is very good. Many are alone & get very horny without a man. I am feeling sorry for them.


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