Women Want To Be Manipulated And Gamed

Back in 2015, I posted a shocking piece, “Is Pickup Manipulative”?, in which I made a case for why women want to be manipulated and need to be manipulated in order to be picked up, seduced and bedded.

Yesterday on Facebook, I added a sexy MILF who totes a huge pair (pair of boobs that is). I opened her some minutes later. Here are some screenshots from that interaction.

[My messages in blue]

Evidently, she knew that it was a ploy in order to inbox her: and it was.

Does it matter to her that I essentially tried to trick my way into a conversation with her?



You see guys; girls know when you’re using Game on them. But they don’t care (as in it doesn’t turn them off)!

At the end of the day, women want to be gamed and manipulated!

They need to be actually (gamed)!

On an additional note, if you’ve been wondering how to start and carry an interesting conversation with a new girl- total stranger- well that was a perfect example above in the chatlog between me and this sexy MILF.

I eventually went on to picking her up (grabbing her #) and setting up the rendezvous for next week.

Will keep you guys posted.

5 thoughts on “Women Want To Be Manipulated And Gamed

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  1. hi kenny. I am new to the Game. I found your stuff while browsing several game advice blogs and I am becoming a fan. Your game is very realistic and I like that about you. You show your results too and thats very brave and honest about ur stuff. Keep it up.


    1. Thanks Rivaldo. I’m glad that you’ve fount my stuff and like it. Guys like yourself who are new to game are the reasons why I do this. And yes; showing results take heart and bravery. More stuff to come


  2. Hey Kenny, and how are you. Im all the way in South Africa and believe it or not ive been a regular visitor to your webpage ever since my friend showed it to me in the middle of last year. Ive learnt tremendously a lot from you, you have changed my gaming life in ways that you cant imagine. Im a little short in stature but this has not dettered me from meating and gaming taller gorgeous women . My main source of your work has been your screenshots of your private chats with women, your bi-monthly articles ofcourse, and some of the stuff thats in your archive section. I would not mind getting your finished product but thats a discussion for another day.
    By the way, Tommorow im meeting up with this lovely light skinned , puffy lipped and busty chick whom ive been gaming on Messenger for the past week or so. Im not perfect, but im trying and thats all that counts. I wish to hear from you soon. Much love. Youve been a blessing to men like me. Thanks


    1. Hey Davids. Glad to hear from you, and glad to know that you’ve been checking out my site. And I’m also glad that you get a meet up lined up with that girl.
      So how did it go…or you didn’t meet her yet?


      1. No I didnt. Strange thing is I flaked out on her. She was down to meet with me but i flaked out on the last minute and i told her i couldnt make it. I still had reservations about meeting her. I didnt know what to do, should I try to get laid on the first meeting or on the second or third. I had these internal disputes with myself and i decided to cancel until ive resolved them now and i intend on meeting her this weekend if possible. I would like your feeback. Was i wrong to postpone our date or not. Im the sort of person who doesnt want to have second doubts/thoughts about my actions, it affects my confidence when i dont know what to do. So i would rather put off meeting with , then risk coming off as unsure of myself.


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