Attraction Lies Within The Absurdity [Pimpin’ Your Facebook For The New Year]

For the so-called new year, I want you to be more shameless and less shameful.

A huge part of my success with women online is the perception that I’m carefree, whimsical and absurd.

Women who read my Facebook bio and scan my timeline, are often left aghast (yet intrigued) by what they see/read.

It’s all about captivating a girl’s attention through absurdity and provocativeness.

Here’s a good example from the other day with a girl I’d picked up and invited her to add me on Facebook.

This’ the reaction I want the girl to have.

Needless to say, this was all a front on the girl’s part, and she did go on to add me. But some women want and need the drama in order to become attracted.

What's your view?

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