Chick From The Past Hits Me Up

Few days ago, I got a friend request from some random Dominican chick (nothing strange there). Since she’s sexy and she lives in the same town, I immediately inboxed her with my forward Game as I am with every girl.

Her FB name is that of a candy bar, so I broke the ice on that note.

Now, the thing is; she tells me that we hooked up before. I totally had no idea! I don’t even remember this chick…until she mentions certain details of who she is and where we hooked up.

I then realized that I did hook up with her like 10 years ago. BTW it was a One Night Stand Same-Night Lay.

I picked her up @ a party and took her to my uncle’s house.

I don’t recall sleeping with her but that 1 time.

I didn’t even know her damn name. So anyway, after I accepted her friend request few days ago, I inboxed her

[My messages in blue]

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