Botched Day4 Field Report

the girl whom I went to see the previous night (with the pizza), we were set to meet again 2 nights ago.

I texted her but she hits me with a bombshell about coming to get her and her son.

I’m like, “your son”?

We never agreed on her coming along with her son!

Furthermore, she never even told me that she has a son.

Basically, I told her in other words no-can-do.

If you’re coming by me then you’re coming alone. Not with your kid!

Surely I wanted to finally fuck this girl whom I’d picked up like 7 months ago. But her bringing along her son to my pad is just going to complicate me getting my weiner into her snatch.

I told her to either she gets someone to stay with her son that night or we call it off.

[My texts in green]

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