Insta-Pulling Hot Teen…Field Report

Wednesday noonday, I picked up this 19 year old hottie (random stranger as always) while I was on lunch.

Upon the #-close (getting her digits), she said that she’s headed back to work and that she works nearby. Sooooooo…I suggested walking her to work…since it’s nearby.

Here’s how it went down from pickup to pull back to her workplace.

Okay- so- that escalated fast!

In pickup, this is what we call rapid pulling and rapid escalation!

The vid was obviously sliced up in the interest of time. But even in light of that, it only took me less than 10 minutes there to begin my physical/sexual play.

I tried making out with her but she kept saying her coworkers were due to return any second now, so I relented and settled for nibbling on her neck before I fled the scene like a phantasm.

I texted her later on in the afternoon (yesterday about meeting up yesterday evening.

[My texts in green]

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