Cassidy Sinatra’s Corner PUA Podcast Episode #3 ft. Kenny P

Hey guys, I sat down [virtually speaking] with my man Cassidy Sinatra out of New York City, as he interviewed me on air for the 3rd episode of the Cassidy Sinatra Corner podcast.

It’s a long podcast (+ 2 hours), so strap yourself in.

Some of what we opined on, all Game/Seduction/PUA stuff:

*How I got started in pickup and the traumatic Valentine’s day that led me there

*Race in the Game, and our views on how race is used as a cop-out for mediocrity

*The first time I pulled a girl home from the club, virtually as a PUA newbie, and how she turned out to be a squirter

*Night-Game and picking up girls in clubs and bars

*My style of Game overall

*Inner-Game concepts and how guys kill their chances by auto-rejecting women in various ways

That’s just a preview of what we delved into.


What's your view?

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