Picking Up Girls On Tinder: Success Of My Text-Game Method…From A Subscriber

Upon yesterday’s launch of my new Tinder and Text-Game service, I got an e-mail from a fan of mines who had recommended that my text-game method be used on Tinder.

Admittedly, I know no clue about Tinder since I’m not sold on it. But text game is text game in spite of the medium or platform.

After having major successes on Tinder with the utilization of my text-game method, this guy (who’ll remain anonymous), had contacted Daniel Blake, a well-known PUA instructor out of the UK, to basically get Daniel’s breakdown of his text game which is utilized via my method.

In any case, this anonymous subscriber of mines went on to forward me (and Daniel) some screenshots of his text-game.

Here are some.

On that note, whenever a guy finds that sweet spot in texting to where he now realizes nuances angles and corners to flipping the attraction switch- all this by utilizing my method- I can’t help but to gloat a bit 🙂 , knowing that my text-game method is by far the most potent in the seduction community!

Oh, upon yesterday’s launch of my Tinder and Text-Game service, I was inundated with communiques from hoards of guys wanting in on this service.

If you haven’t enrolled yet, and you’re struggling with connecting with women via text (on any platform), purchase your slot ASAP before I ultimately close the door on this service which is only being offered for a limited time since it’s just too demanding with everything else I have going on in the field of pickup.

Enroll in Tinder and Text-Game breakdown service

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