Are You A Go-Getter In The Field?

Guys, when it comes to picking up total strangers while out and about, there are certain ingrained mindsets which make up my Game, such as: BEING A Go-GETTER in the face of bad logistics!

Earlier yesterday , I cold approached and picked up this 21-year old from across a fence, after spotting her standing outside of a building in the courtyard (on her phone) while I was passing on foot. So 2 things: 1.) She was on her phone. 2.) A fence divided us.

Did I allow those 2 bad logistics to stop me from approaching this total stranger?


Never!!! So, quit using excuses for not approaching hot girls.

Don’t await the “perfect” moment because it hardly ever materializes!

Girl on her phone? So what!

Girl’s on the other side of a gate/fence? So what!!

Those things don’t deter me.

I approach anyway, given poor logistics, just as I demonstrated earlier today when I spotted this 21 year old, got her to get off her phone, come over to me (by the dividing fence), charmed her ass up, time-bridged, got her # and bounced after about 20 minutes of solid conversation.

The video was obviously chopped up extensively. But hopefully you get the mindset/frame in which I operate from while out and about: SCREW the LOGISTICS, APPROACH ANYWAY and ANYWHERE and BECOME A GO-GETTER!

A master pickup artist doesn’t give a rat’s ass about logistics!

What's your view?

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