To Ask Or Not To Ask Her…Questions?

As you get good with the understanding of the female’s mind, you get to see their justified frustration with men and their approach to women and courtship.

This chick posted the following status to Facebook the other day.

Here’s my response and a bit of exchange with the girl.

“I find that some men ask some really annoying questions”.

She ended out string of replies on that note.

Very telling isn’t it?

I clearly articulated it better than the girl did as to why women are annoyed and turned off by the questions men ask. It isn’t the questions, but the type of questions (as I pointed out to her).

Asking the girl a bunch of questions is 1 of those things we frown upon in the pick-up community.

It is terrible game to engage in 21 questions.

However, it isn’t so much the questions that annoy girls. But the type of questions that get under their skin.

What questions are those that you should avoid?

Interview-type questions!

Contrary from popular belief, asking rapport-type questions don’t win you points with women, neither do they make you appear interested, concerned nor sociable. Instead, asking a girl whom you’re trying to pick up (or bang), questions such as:

“Where did you grow up”?

“How was school”?

“You have brothers and sisters”?

Such questions make you come off as land, boring, lame, redundant, repetitive, scripted and socially inept.

That is why women get jaded and fed up whenever those lame-ass questions are put to them.

You can ask questions by the way! But I’ll address that in just a bit.

Okay, so in response to the chick’s post, I also said to her that, “Personally, I don’t ask women questions at all”.

That is true nearly 99.8% of the time: I do not ask girls questions!

Look back at the hundreds of screenshotted conversations I had with dozens upon dozens of women, and you will hardly ever see me asking them questions.

The reason I don’t is because it annoys women. And asking a bunch of questions doesn’t achieve 1 thing in helping the pickup’s progression (but stagnates it).

Are there questions that you could and should ask a girl whom you’re trying to pick up, bed and date?


In retrospect, I want you to think back on my many chats and try to think of the questions that I do ask women (upon the initial online pickup).

What are they?

There are 3 main questions I ask women…in no specific order (I ask in various ways by the way):

“Which part of town do you live”?

“How’s your scheduling/when are you mainly free to meet up”?

“Do you drink”?

I typically don’t ever ask the girl if she drinks. But I threw that in there just for the fuck of it.

Anyways, so those are the 3 questions I ask a new girl upon trying to pick her up (or after the pick up).

What do those 3 questions have in common?


The only question(s) I care to ask women are those which facilitate our potential rendezvous: logistic-based questions.

1.) When I ask a girl where does she live, the reason is quite obvious and logical: I want to know how far she or I will have to travel in order to meet up. If she lives real far, I want to know whether I would want to pay for her cab fare to come by me if a bus ride would consume much time.

2.) When I ask a girl about her availability, it is quite clearly a ‘must-know’ since I would want to find out if our schedules meet or conflict. So it’s a must that I ascertain that critical piece of information.

3.) As for drinks, I don’t really ask girls if they drink. In fact, I don’t ask at all. I would suggest meeting up for drinks. And if she doesn’t consume alcohol, she will undoubtedly say so.

With that, the only questions I ask the new girl are those that pertain to the meet-up.

Anything other than that as far as questions, is irrelevant! And that should also become your mindset!

I don’t care to know where she grew up, her age, siblings, if her parents are still alive, did she attend college, her future goals, etc.

None of those questions are important to ask before actually seeing the girl or fucking the girl!

Oh- and I must say this- as I eluded to earlier, it isn’t that you shouldn’t ask questions, but the type of questions is what may sink your ship or keep it afloat.

I do ask other questions besides those 3. For instance in the case of sexting with a new girl on the verge of being picked up online by me. I may ask about her favorite sexual position, 3-somes, could she deepthroat a dick, etc.

No lame interview-type questions. So, the type of question and the topic is key.

Lame questions run the risk of killing your chances.

Interesting and pertinent questions should help your cause.

This also begs the question, a question in which I touched on the other day; why do men go into the 21- question mode?

The 2 primary answers are very simple: they have nothing else to say, and they are also under the impression that that is how you go about sparking interest.

You see, most guys get their courtship and dating advice from the wrong sources: music (love songs), Hollywood, Cosmos and women themselves.

What makes those sources so wrong when it comes to this? Because they give men poor advice based on tradition, status-quo and surveys of women.

Ask any girl what type of guy would interest her and she’ll pretty much say the guy who seems interested in her life and story on a whole. The guy who asks her about work, kids, schooling, upbringing, etc.

Present her with such a guy and she’ll quickly judge and dismiss him as boring, lame, generic and uninterested. Hence, it is never a wise idea to listen to a woman tell you what she wants/likes.

You can appear attentive and interested in the girl without asking those boring questions that annoy women.

You see me do this all the time: no questions, strictly statements, comments and observations.

Therefore, in the event that you’re stuck on what to do instead of asking a gazillion questions, just focus more on making observations, assumptions, opining on things and letting her engage you on the thing which you’d brought up.

As you go along, the girl will divulge information without a need for you to ask (at least not directly ask).

If you genuinely do care about her upbringing, schooling, career, goals, etc. you will find out eventually, perhaps on a so-called date where those things are more likely to surface.

However, those things shouldn’t be popping up during the initial approach and pre-pickup phase of the game because they will likely turn the girl off!

Oh, before I conclude this post, I just want to address the guys who may say, “But Kenny, you said that it’s never good to agree with women, yet you agreed with this girl that men asking bunch of questions is annoying”!

Here’s the thing: agree with women whenever they voice their disagreement against chode/lame shit.

That is a no-brainer!

For instance, if a woman says or posts that she thinks that rebellious guys are sexy, there’s no reason in the world why you should disagree with her since you would want to set yourself up as a rebellious guy since it is an attractive quality.

However, if a woman posts that men should always pay on dates under any circumstance without a question, totally agreeing with that is some chode shit. So it’s not that you can’t agree with women. It’s that you shouldn’t agree with them once they’re pushing some pro-chody agenda. As is the case with asking question. It isn’t that you shouldn’t ask. Just that asking generic shit is a pet peeve of women because they hear it too often.

What's your view?

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