Kenny Calling Out A Bunch Of AFC’s On Their Bull***t!

Okay, ok, ok, ok- I must confess- I have a knack for somewhat attacking AFC’s and Beta-Males on social media for their disingenuous claims and pedestalization of women.

Piggy backing off of the recent article where I talked about men who (falsely) agree with women as an attempt to gain their favor by agreeing, here’s another interesting post with a 2-pronged approach, highlighting how the vast majority of men are full of shit, which is why women aren’t regularly fucking the vast majority of men. Also highlighting again, my approach and method to attracting random women online by going against the socially accepted norm.

Moreover, I do get a nefarious kick out of AFC-bashing and exposing the Beta’s for the world of women to see.

The other day, this chick with who I share great rapport on Facebook, posted the following status update.

Watch how the ass-kissing, disingenuous quote-unquote nice guys, circle the wagon in taking the position of least resistance and least backlash, by choosing the position/answer which they perceive would likely favor the woman’s position (i.e. the girl who’d posted this).

Now here’s the thing: given those 2 positions, the male commenter can either choose A.) Girls who carry condoms are perceived negatively. B) They’re not perceived negatively.

As you clearly seen; the chodes all chose the answer (B) which would they think would keep them in favor and positive light by women.

I basically let her know that these chumps were lying. And they are fucking lying!

These chumps are lyingly making the claim that women with condoms aren’t perceived slutty, only because they (the chumps) want to be on the right side of women- in this case- the girl who posted the status.

Hence, it is purely disingenuous hogwash which is why I called them out!

Every guy on the face on the planet would be taken-aback a bit, if he were to discover that a certain girl, particularly one whom he fancies, was toting around condoms in her girlie bag.

Your first-fucking internal impression/reaction won’t be: “Oh! She’s safety-conscious”!

However, these AFC clowns commenting on the status, are trying to give women and me the impression that the first and only thing that would come to mind is that the condom-toting girl is just the safety-first type and should be commended for that.


These guys don’t actually believe that!

Moving on!

I then went further to elucidate while calling out the lying fuckery peddled by those fuckers!

The Beta-Male madness continued with new commenters filing in by the minute.

Even this guy didn’t realize that I was laughing at him, and not with him. 🙂

Now, perhaps you’re saying to yourself, “Why did Kenny have to be so harsh on these guys”!?

The truth of that is, and at the core of everything I do, is to see guys succeed at dating and gain abundance with women.

I wanna see guys win! And not with the belief that they have to lie in order to win with women!

These fucking so-called nice guys give guys like myself a bad rap.

They spew these lies which women see through, yet every guy pays for them at the end of the day.

This is why I’ve always said that so-called nice guys, perceived nice guys and self-professed nice guys, are the scums of the Earth, and they are manipulative wussies looking to get by from the beguilement of women.

Genuine guys like myself, oft-perceived assholes, have to then come along and clean shit up like the sanitation man!

Furthermore, the old adage of “nice guys finish last”, the blame should squarely be placed upon the shoulders of men: the so-called nice guys who are in fact manipulators of women.

Women shouldn’t be bearing the burden of why nice guys can’t get dates, let alone get laid regularly. But as it is now, these so-called nice guy [in reality, manipulators of women] do castigate women, and attach to them the label of shallow-minded hypocrites for perpetually shunning them for the unstable bad boy.

However, when you run some personal analysis on this quagmire (as I’d done), you’ll soon to arrive at the conclusion that the core reason why “nice guys” are shunned by women, is because of their lyingness, beguilement, swindlery and falsification of their true intent, true feelings and true opinions on everything under the sun.

At the end of the day, they have themselves to blame for their perpetual dating quandary.

Not to be redundant here, but this now begs the question: why do the vast majority of men pretend and feel the need to conceal what they truly desire, think and believe?

Well, coupled with the fact that they’re actively trying to appeal to women, and to appease women, by telling them what they think women want to hear, on a more profound level, 96+% of men (on social media, online- dating sites and outside of the net), were lied to about what women want, what women respond to, and how to attract women.

All of us men were misled by the media, Hollywood, our parents (who meant well) and women in society who think they know what they want but are always operating contrarily.

Thus, virtually all men grow up with the wrong idea about women and how to successfully attract, seduce, bed and date them.

Every guy on the planet, or at least in the Western Hemisphere, is liable to get lucky a time or 2 with women.

A huge percentage of teen boys will have had a high-school sweetheart with whom they copulated.

Getting lucky every now and then isn’t far fetched. So sex will happen from time to time for every guy between the ages of 16-40…presuming he’s heterosexual.

What makes my hobby (teaching pickup) unique, is that I teach guys how to replicate this, so they no longer have to be at the mercy of sheer luck.

With all that being said, even the deceptive “nice guys” such as those who opined on the chick’s post, will luck up every now and then in spite of their kiss-ass ways.

They don’t however luck up with strangers on social media because there is where “Game” is a necessity in order to attract a complete stranger from scratch.

“Nice guys” luck up with women either in their social circle, the unattractive girl-next-door with who they attended school or church, or they get hooked up by friends and relatives with a sub-par attractive chick who’d just been dumped by her boyfriend and is desperately in need of some company.

As a subscriber to my blog, or perhaps you’d stumbled upon this article somehow, what is the takeaway here for you?

Be real!

You don’t have to mislead women, nor lie to them about your intentions in hopes of getting laid! So when I shame men on Facebook for choding themselves out, it is with good intentions, hoping that these vermins would realize that it doesn’t do them any justice to pretend, play nice and play get along with women.

Since attaining master PUA status, and going from Omega-Male to an Alpha-minded one, I hardly ever find accord with anything any women has ever said in relation to men, dating, sex and the sexes.

On social media, I call women out on the bullshit just as I call men out!

I tell them what they may not want to hear!

This alone sets the stage where intrigue and interest could be sparked as I cited in the previous article.

More interesting Alpha posts to come.

Feel free to leave your opinion in the comment section about girls carrying condoms.

Would you not get the wrong impression if you were to find out that a girl carries condoms, or would your first impression be that she’s safety-conscious and should be commended for it?

What's your view?

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