Just Another Girlfriend With Boyfriend Online Pickup

Hey guys, just another online pull of a girl who has a boyfriend.

Nothing much that you haven’t seen before. But as to adhere to my quasi promise to post nearly every pickup I have online, I’m obliged to sharing this one.

As always the case, this was a random stranger whom I friend requested.

Oh- before we get into the chat, I just want to make point out that your opener (ice-breaker) doesn’t have to be elaborate or magical, just as mines wasn’t. And as expected, sensitive information was redacted.

Whenever a girl seeks to make rapport with you (ask about work, where you live, etc), it is generally a sign of interest, just as the case with this chick.

Long story short; she and I never managed to meet up as yet because of her work schedule (having 2 jobs), and also the fact that I have tons of other girls in the pipeline.

Also, as for her BF, never take it as a rejection when the girl mentions having a boyfriend.

Best her and 1-up her just as I did when I said to her, “I have a GF too”. Also, whenever a girl mentions the “BF”, it is usually a congruence test, and a way to cover ass in the event that you two hook up.

Nevertheless, I want you guys to realize that a girl having a BF means nothing!

With this girl here, she mentioned having a BF who gets on her nerves sometimes, yet she still coughed up her digits willingly.

In addition to that, she sent me 2 pics of herself. Whenever a girl voluntarily sends you pics without you asking her, it is a sure sign of her interest in you.

Anyway, this pickup all took place on November 1st.

I messaged her 2 days ago for the first time since. It’s ironic since I have her #, but refuse to use it. This goes back to what I was saying days ago, that grabbing a girl’s # is quite useless since you could always hit them up on social media DM (that’s if you’d picked them up online). So I messaged her Tuesday about meeting up over the weekend when I would’ve hit up her side of the island for 3 days.

What a bummer that she injured her leg. 😦

This chick is highly fuckable with boobs to die for!

I would’ve loved to meet up with her over the weekend. But there’s always a next time.

With abundance, you never put all of your eggs into 1 basket. And my blog is here for the explicit purpose of helping to empower you guys with abundance.

Any question about my game, method or approach to women?

Leave them in the comment section.

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