New Neighbor Pull…Part II [It’s Not You; It’s The Girl]

Last night now, the chick who lives in the house beside my apartment, hits me up.

The initial message is mines, from 3 days ago, when I shot her a message after getting her #. That was the same night I slept with her…in her bed that is.

Now, here is a subsequent status I posted minutes after having that text exchange with her.

With that; it’s never you!

When the chick gave me massive LMR the first night I slept in her bed (which was the same night I got her #), I didn’t freak out and beat myself up about it.

Sure I was disappointed. But not distraught nor befuddled.

I knew there was something going on beneath the surface, outside of my control (as it always is): which was her menstrual cycle.

Here’s the deal: when a girl is on her period, she feels yucky, nasty and dirty! She will NOT fuck you, unless you are someone such as her long-term boyfriend, or you convey to her (in some way) that you are totally fine with shagging down while she’s bleeding.

Now, because of that (her yucky feeling), if y’all 2 were to be lying in bed, she will resist your sexual advances by all means! And she’s not going to tell you that it is because of her period as to why she cannot or doesn’t want to have sex. You have to be smart enough to figure this out on your own.

Anyway, she was clearly open to having me come over last night and sleep with her again.

Why though!?

I refuse to visit and lie in bed with a girl who’s on her period. Not because it’s yucky. Shit- I’ve banged girls on their period quite a number of times before. So it isn’t something I find to be a deal-breaker. But if I know ahead of time that the girl is menstruating, I will NOT meet up with her.

Hence, I flaked on the neighbor last night.

All in all guys, I just want to remind you that this is a total stranger whom I’d cold approached 3 nights ago upon the realization that I had a new neighbor in the yard next to my apartment.

I spotted her outside doing some cleaning on the porch, so I approached within 2 seconds (not even thinking), go her digits and was able to sleep in her…that same night!

Surely I didn’t get the lay, but that is a mute point to the bigger picture.

ABA!!! “Always Be Approaching”!

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