Married Girl Is Now Getting Emotionally Invested…Part III [+ More Curiosity-Loop Game]

Remember this hot little newlywed from some weeks back?

Here’s the 3rd installment of the ongoing gaming and seduction of the sexy 24-year old married chick whom I’d picked up few weeks back on Facebook.

To get you up to speed on what’s going on, including my aim, here’s a quick rundown of just that.

She lives in Canada but returns “home” to the islands very frequent.

Her next visit is slated for January.

Typically, and as you would know; I never waste valuable time pursuing a girl who lives in another city, island, let alone country.

With this chick however, because of the fact that I knew she travels often, and since I have a mean thing for banging disgruntled wives; I decided to pursue the girl, seduce her in absentia until she returns in January where we can seal the deal…physically.

Now, there was no guarantee that any of this would’ve materialized (the online pickup, etc.), but as expected, because of my potent Game, I got her #, gamed her like a wizard, now she’s all enthralled, clingy and sold.

In light of that, just as a little fun assignment, I told you guys that I would update y’all periodically on this situation.

Additionally, I outlined a clear stratagem on how I would proceed with this, which is that I would hold about 1 texting session per week with her, until January comes around when she will have returned from Canada. So, here is the 3rd text session between me and her.

Ironically, she was the one who initiated the latest round of texting (over the weekend), after she seen me posted to Facebook about hitting up the bar.

Bear in mind: everything is strategic on my part! At the end of the interaction, I will clearly point out the aspect of getting her to chase. So, she messaged me on Whatsapp Messenger over the weekend.

Also bear in mind; none of the outlandish things I said were true (being stood up, etc.)

[Her txts in white]

Above: when she mentioned that I always have some funny/hilarious story! She was referring to my usual weekend debauchery and real-time night-game field reports that I would post on Facebook.

Also, I always talk about setting the frame and the girl will follow, mimic and mirror your frame and ideals. Here the theme is (which I set): “Kenny has epic adventures on the weekends”. Because it’s such an interesting theme; she mirrors it by saying “when I grow up I wanna be like you some day…with epic adventures”. In essence, she’s following my frame/lead. This little tidbit was so powerful that she rebels in saying that she needs to start having epic and adventurous weekends too. As a wife- a newlywed- she shouldn’t be saying this. But she is, because she’s so attracted to my vibe and the frame I set.

Again; BE ILLOGICAL!! have you ever heard me say that before? Well here’s a reminder: when seeking to have a woman chase you, say illogical shit! Say shit that doesn’t make sense! Case in point when I told her that if she has adventurous weekends without me (with another guy), it’ll be cheating. That totally didn’t make any sense at all since she isn’t my wife! But it doesn’t fucking matter! Saying shit that doesn’t make sense, will work to attract the girl even more, by confusing her logical-thought pattern, thus forcing her brain to want to make sense of the statement in order to gain closure! So- tell girls dumb shit, illogical shit, and shit that will make them go, “But that doesn’t make sense”! I’ll talk more about that at the end of the post.

Lastly (on the previous points): no mater how hot a girl is, always set ground rules, always put things into perspective, and always be ballsy! This girl is 10 years younger than me, hence I am the superior here. Don’t let her beauty and age (being younger than you) discourage your sense of value.

How did she react to my stern yet humorous comment?

[Her messages in white]

Basically, what I wanted to establish with that previous messages were 2 points:

1.) I cherish women, so they would never have to worry about me pumping and dumping them like some heartless asshole (though I pump and dump all the time like a heartless asshole).

2.) I am a highly sexual and forward guy, and I am also a womanizer. I said that, knowing that it would only serve to attracted her even more with my rebellious and carefree vibe.

Now, here is where I get into the technique aspect of having her chase me as she’s beginning to become emotionally invested. Note: always end the conversation first! And do so abruptly when she least expects it! I had told her to call me, knowing that I would make a U turn by telling her we’ll talk another time. I’ll explain this powerful technique afterwards.

[My txts in green]

Basically, I told her to call me, but then I told her to get some rest. She took that conflicting/confusing message to mean that I was likely laid up with another chick, so I was unable to take her call. In other words, she tried to insinuate that I couldn’t take her call because I was in the presence of another woman, which is why I said (as a rebuttal), “I run my own show”. Therefore, I answer the phone if please.

At that point, she really wanted to talk to me for the first time (voice to voice).

I then deepen the attraction factor by dropping a vague curiosity loop into the mix by saying to her, “you just won’t understand certain things”.

Recall what I spoke to you about in the previous article: get the girl chasing you by telling her something that would make her curious to want to know more…and to also confuse her brain. And be vague!!!

She then went into a tirade about how I always brush her off and I’d done just that on 3 or so occasions.

She’s correct! And it’s all strategic! Guys, I can’t stress this salient point any further than I have already: Always end the chat on the girl, instead of having her end it on you!!!

As for when she made mention about me seeming to have moments where I drive her away, this is in reference to the hot and cold vibe which I employ periodically. In conjunction with “ending it first”, you don’t have to do so on a great note. You can be a bit frosty and cold about it, making her believe that she’d done something to cause your frostiness, and to cause you to want to flee.

I employed the technique of mines dubbed “The Jesus Effect”, when I told her (again), “certain things u aren’t able to grasp yet”.

Frankly, I am not a religious guy (an Agnostic Atheist actually). But the Jesus Effect is 1 of the most potent tricks in my seduction repertoire. If you’re familiar with the Bible, Jesus’ vibe was always a vague and ambiguous one. He spoke in parables. He said things like, “What I have to tell you would be too much for you to bear now…”.

That vague statement left his followers intrigued, puzzled, enthralled and hooked!

Likewise, whenever you’re aiming to seducing a girl, vague, ambiguous and parable-like comments will create this Jesus Effect, and cause the girl to become hooked and wanting to decipher your message for the sake of psychological closure.

Tell the girl, “in due time”!

She wants to know why you have to go, or why you’re telling her “we’ll catch up”, tell her, “you won’t understand”.

You get the message, right?

Allow me to conclude this post by summarizing the technique of hot and cold and confusing the girl’s brain in order to deepen her attraction to you.

Here’s the deal: confusion begets attraction.

When done right, and consciously, you can get a girl hooked on you by making vague and confusing statements.

Just as I mentioned earlier that you ought to say illogical, irrational shit to women whom you’re trying to bed, incorporate into that the confusing and vague comments that throw the girl off.

On the surface, this game concept of mines sounds all crazy and nonsensical. But I’m quite sure you seen me do just that with the married chick, and countless other women.

To make this even more simpler for you: remember that time that someone said something to you fleetingly, that was either vague, or you misunderstood what was said, probably because you couldn’t hear him or her properly because they were on the go?

What immediate effect did this cause within your being?

You were left there trying to piece things together, trying to decipher what he or she could’ve meant or said.

Even throughout your day as your brain spontaneously emits visual signals and recounts things that occurred throughout your day. Those vague instances will likely pop up even if you don’t want them to, and had totally forgotten about the vague and confusing thing that the person had said to you.

Furthermore, an even greater example: think of a vague text message that you received. Perhaps bad grammar or few typos rendered the message unreadable. Whatever it was, you’re likely to ponder and try to decipher the message. You’re even likely to text the person back saying, “I didn’t quite get that”.

Saying all that to say, you want your messages to have such an effect on the girl’s mind: confusing her while simultaneously deepening the attraction for you.

You do this by being vague, sending vague and ambiguous texts, purposely inject typos into your messages, say something to her (via text or verbally) that doesn’t compute as logical.

Additionally, do something that’s unconventional and illogical!

For instance, tell her bye at a point during the conversation where things are at the apex of interest.

Do it when she least expects!

Tell her to call you, then immediately afterwards, tell her “never mind”…”something came up”.

Create fucking CONFUSION!

That’s the point!

As I always say: your game should never be structured linearly or rationally.

Predictability is 1 of the main killers of attraction, thus your chances of getting or keeping the girl.

Confuse her thought pattern and you’ll get her chasing, clinging and falling!

I implore you to re-read and take notes for future references!

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    1. Oh lol. I didn’t expect to get put on the spot about that lol. But long story short, her husband found out about us (texting and calling) so he confiscated her phone and the trip was called off 😦 . I think the chick got too excited and clingy and got careless. I tried to caution her but she didn’t listen


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