How To Get A Girl Chasing You By Dangling A Carrot [Curiosity-Loop Theory]

Hey my budding seductionists, by now, you should be thoroughly accustomed to hearing me blab and blab and blab about curiosity loop in pickup.

Well- here’s another blabbering for ya! But this time, with real-world examples aside from me pontificating on the matter at hand.

Firstly, “Curiosity Looping”, also known as, “Cat-String Theory”, as the name suggests, entails grabbing one’s attention by making him or her curios about something said.

It’s an ultra-simple concept, yet I keep finding that most guys who come across this game theory, have difficulties with the implementation of it.

Secondly, I just want to tout my horn by saying that I am ‘THE’ guy in pickup, solely responsible for pushing and popularizing this seduction concept.

Before I’d written about it, Sasha Daygame beat me to it. 😉

In any case, the concept is straightforward: if you want a girl to chase you, to stay engaged and to get hooked on you, then the utilization of Curiosity Loops will make that happen!

Essentially, you’ll be dangling a carrot in the girl’s face while pulling it away whenever she reaches for it [hence “Cat-String Theory” where the cat chases around the dangling string].

Before proceeding, I just want to make this abundantly clear, that this concept of game is deeply built-in into my overall text-game model and structure.

Virtually every concept I share with you, and teach you guys, is utilized within the interaction, and ultimately the seduction of every whom I would’ve gamed, seduced and fucked!

Therefore, it is just something I do without thinking. It just flows (every concept of game within my method).

In your case however, game concepts are expected to be methodically applied and mulled over on a conscious level.

With time, you will learn to internalize it (pickup concepts)! For now; I expect you to struggle in the implementation of strategically getting girls to chase you.

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty stuff!

This chick here, I had picked her up on Facebook about 2 and a half weeks back.

As always the case; this was a total stranger with whom I share no mutual friends.

I’d been gaming her on and off since meeting her online. She’s literally DTF to the fullest. It’s just a matter of me snapping my fingers and having her butt-ass naked under my sheets.

Anyway, I messaged her. Bear in mind: take not seriously my tone, nor the things I’m saying. It is all strategic and all Game.

[My txts in blue]

For the record: I do not miss her! Also, she does NOT truly believe that I miss her! Women know this, but they love the emotional rush and high anyway (of a guy telling them he loves them, misses them, etc).

Also above, you seen curiosity loop at work when she asked me, “why you miss me”?

I played it perfectly by withholding a plausible reason from her by saying, “Hard to explain”.

That’s it!

That’s how you reel her in by dangling a carrot in front of her then pulling it away!

How did I set this up?

I told her that I miss her.

That’s it!

That was the magic.

That caused her to become curios about why I would miss her.

Now, lots of AFC’s and chody guys do/say this. But! They blow themselves out and come off as needy by failing to withhold the reasons for why they miss the girl.

Hence, everything banks on just that: if you tell her why you miss her, an it’s a plausible reason, she will blow you out eventually. If you withhold the reasons, it’ll make her curious to want to know more.

Get it?

By the way, this was all set up by the bait and switch. I reeled her in by telling her that I miss her, knowing she would get curios about why, then I intentionally withheld any reason.

Let’s continue on that same theme which I’d strategically set (“I miss you”).

Oh- she wanted us to sext, but I blew her off.

[Her msgs in gray]

Again: none of what I said was factual as far as me waiting up all night for her call, missing her, etc. You may call it lies, but lies that won’t hurt anybody. 🙂

In any case, she really wanted to know why I missed her, and if I truly missed her, hence the underlying reason she kept ringing me so badly.

Everything was based on her curiosity, and how I engaged it and made her super curious and hooked on the theme: “Do I miss her”?

Here is the lesson for you in summarization.

When gaming a girl, preferably one whom you’d just picked up, or in the process of attempting to do so, put something out there that will get her brain engaged!

Dangle a carrot in front of her!!!!

Just as how you seen me use “I miss you”, in order to achieve this and to have her chase me, you too can do the same.

The key though is to NOT give her closure…at least not right away!

In other words- and for example- if you were to tell her, “I miss you”, and she pries into why and how; keep beating around the bush about it!

Keep giving her irrational and illogical shit!

Tell her that you don’t know why you miss her!

Tell her that you can’t explain it!

Give her anything besides a straightforward and rational reason!

You clearly seen me demonstrate just that in the chat above.

She was dying to find out:

A.) Do I truly miss her

B.) And why do I miss her

However, I keep feigning ignorant.

All of it was strategic.

That is 1 of the most effective yet simple ways to get a girl hooked and chasing you.

Apart from “I miss you”, you can use curiosity loops with absolutely anything.

You simply give the girl a piece of information then withhold any elaboration on that piece of information.

I mean, I could’ve done the same and get the girl chasing by saying, “I like you”, or “I love you”.

It would’ve had the same effect.

Now, here’s another caveat and somewhat of a caution: getting a girl to chase you online (through the implementation of this gambit), ringing you dozens of time through Messenger, etc. (as this chick was doing), is only doable if your approach is high value, lighthearted or serious but in a lighthearted way.

Here’s the deal as far as ethics are concerned: women know that you are misleading them!

This girl knows without a shadow of a doubt, that I do not miss her and cannot possibly miss her!

How so?

We’ve only had 2 brisk conversations over the space of 2 weeks. We’ve only known each other for 2 weeks. I know women are gullible to a fault, but they are not that gullible.

At the end of the day, women want to be misled, lied to and sold a dream!

That is the raw truth here!

This chick, or any other girl whom you or I may encounter, wants to believe a dream!

This is why “love at first sight” is so powerful and popular among women.

Love at first sight is very implausible and nonsensical (in my book). However, large scores of women want to believe in it!

They want that dream!

Give it to them!!!

They want to be led!

They want to be lied to!

They want to be manipulated! And they won’t regret being manipulated either!

Now, surely I’m being a bit sensationalized here. But the point is well established…hopefully.

Any questions?

Leave them in the comment section.

More awesome and insightful posts to come.

With that, I leave you with an article written by my co-blogger (now retired from blogging), great buddy of mines from the UK: Cat-String Theory.

From around the pick-up community, Sasha Daygame aka Sasha PUA: Hook Theory.

Also, in conjunction with Cat-String Theory, here’s a video I put together a while back, entitle The Jesus Effect. It’s very insightful and it deals with the topic at hand.

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