Converting Girls Into Clingy Girls: Unintended Consequence Of Getting Good With Women

Pickup, or getting masterful at Game, has very few unintended consequences and back lashes. One of them is The Cling Of Death.

No one likes a clinger-on.

Well- I don’t know about you MOFO’s- but I CANNOT stand a fucking clingy girl!

I get that claustrophobic feeling whenever someone dogs up under me physically or psychologically.

This chick here, I picked up a few weeks back on Facebook, yet to bang her, but she’s already materialized into a stage 5 clinger.

Here’s a few text exchange via Messenger over the past days.

[Her texts in gray]

Now that was painful although I kept my composure as usual.

One thing you may ask is: how is it that this random stranger whom I’d picked up just 2 weeks ago, is now completely needy over the fact that I don’t have much time for her?

Well, it all boils down to game I must say.

Apart from that though, since this chick is acting so clingy and we’d only had texted on 2 prior time occasions, imagine after we would’ve had sex? 😯 😯

Talk about a stalker!

Here’s the truth though: of the women I pick up on social-media sites (Facebook being the only one on which I game girls), 4 in 10 of them turn out to be stalkerish and clingy.

Upon sensing this, I may back out altogether and not go through with the lay. And if I do go through with it, I would devise a soft-landing strategy in the post-lay stage of the game to not hurt the girl in devastating fashion.

To be honest, it’s not like I give a shit about hurting girls’ feelings.

What I also come to find out is that although women are highly emotional beings, they may sob for a day or 2 after a guy pumps and dumps them, but they generally get over it in a heartbeat.

The reason why women get over a heartbreak so smoothly and quickly is because they generally have the so-called support systems to facilitate this.

They have parents, and BFF’s to comfort them, including tons of guys who’ll willingly rush their aide in order to provide a shoulder to lean on and cry on.

Men don’t have that.

Men don’t have women rushing to their sides after they’d been dumped or had their hearts crushed.

Saying all that to say, even with the ultra-clingy and sensitive ones like this girl is, they’ll get over their pain in days time.

As for myself, women who bombard me with texts are quickly relegated to the ignore basket.

I cherish my sense of space, freedom, free time and privacy.

Any woman who encroach upon that will eventually get a taste of my not-so-nice side.

This is largely why I live separately from my girlfriend (my kid’s mother). I just cannot bear a woman breathing down my neck, crowding me, asking me questions, being invasive and prying, so on and so forth.

I refuse to live with a woman at any point in my life. I took that chance and made that mistake about 9 years ago with an ex, and it turned out disastrously within about 3 months, to the point where law enforcement and family had to intervene.

It wasn’t that I couldn’t bear her invasiveness and crowding [that actually wasn’t the case]. We just weren’t compatible as house-mates. And that incompatibility almost kicked off World War III! But lesson was well learned! Since that time, I’ve yet to entertain the idea of ever living with a woman again.

My current girlfriend, my kid’s mother, we’ve been together in this non-traditional relationship for 7 and a half years. And I’ve yet to even remotely suggest moving in with her.


She asks and suggests, but I reject and object under the premises that:

1.) It will never work

2.) I don’t like to feel crowded and stifled

Therefore, that feeling of being crowded and stifled is the same feeling I get whenever girls get all emotional and down about the fact that I ignore their attempts at communication.

With Game- good game through experience- you will have attracted and converted a fair amount of women into clingers and stalkers.

One thought on “Converting Girls Into Clingy Girls: Unintended Consequence Of Getting Good With Women

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  1. Hi Kenny Yes I have attracted a woman that is highly emotional & Clingy. You say a woman has a support system. I have a support system but because this woman is working in Saudi Arabia she has only me to listen to her worries. She is a Filipino woman & she is very frightened of her male employer who is a Arab & has tried to force her to become sexual with him. At the moment I am protecting her. If I stopped communication with her. It would course her great pain. She is going back home to the Philippines in March next year. She will then have a support system of family & friends who can protect her.


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