What To Do When The Girl You Want Ignores You On Social Media

Years back, I published an article on the friendzone, and how the only conceivable way a guy has to escape the dreaded friendzone, which is to make the girl who had friendzoned him jealous.

This post however, isn’t about the friendzone, but the concept of crawling yourself out of the friendzone is similar to that of snagging the attention of women who ignore you online.

With that: “what to do when a girl ignores you on social media”?

Grab her attention!

You have to get her attention: but indirectly!

I wrote an article on this, entitled: Warming The Periphery.

Haunt Her Periphery

Now, what do I mean by grabbing someone’s attention INDIRECTLY?

Before I delve into it, I want to set up the premises here on how to make all of this happen.

For whatever reason, let’s say that the OYD (Object of Your Desire) isn’t responding to your inbox messages at all. Let’s say that she tells you to “fuck off” or what have you. Perhaps you 2 once messaged each other but she no longer returned messages.

Whatever the reason is; she doesn’t reply.

The most inefficient way to go about making her budge, would have been to continue banging on her door (proverbially) by sending messages on top of messages.

Most guys would do just that until the girl deletes or blocks them.

Thr alternate and more efficient strategy is what I’m presenting you here, by knowing how to get a girl’s attention by showcasing how high value, Alpha and cool you are in the eyes of other (women).

Listen: humans are pack animals and we operate in group think.

In other words, no one truly thinks independently. There’s no such thing as original thought or idea.

We all get out ideas from people around us, people we listen to, people we look up to, shit we see on TV, etc.

There’s nothing original!

With that, the herd mentality and group think, when a person- let’s use a woman in this case- sees how other women react to you in a positive light, she instantly thinks to herself, “this guy is actually okay since everyone else thinks he’s cool”.

She may not have liked your guts previously. But because she’s indirectly subjected to how others respond to you, she then warms up to you.

That is what your goal should be: get her to warm up to you by her seeing how others are already warmed up to your personality and charms.

On a platform such as Facebook for instance, you accomplish this through your status updates, posts and shared stuff.

In essence, you will have been demonstrating just how cool you are, and there’s a very good chance that she will want in on that.

Slowly but surely, she will begin to comment on your stuff also, and or finally reply to your inbox messages which she’d ignore for weeks and months.

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  1. Hey Kenny, hope everything is moving on well…. I have a question, how can I get to hook up with a girl I always pass by and she smiles to me whenever she sees me but when I talk to her she doesn’t respond to me


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