Bit**y Scrawny Hot Girl Hates My Guts But Still Got Pulled [Neg Theory]

Okay, so this scrawny chick (pictured below) and I have had a somewhat rocky-online relationship where we behave like dicks to each other on each other’s posts.

I hadn’t seen her post in a while so I surmised that she might have deleted me (my hunch was right). I sent her another friend request to which she accepted. I then inboxed her on the likely de-friending.

By the way, the interactions took place between June and October: started June, continued October.

[Her msgs in gray]

By the way, she claimed to have dropped and broke her phone which was why I hadn’t seen her visible on Whatsapp ever since grabbing her #.

In either case, it was a straightforward occasion.

I didn’t waste much time on attraction material because I knew she liked me already. So it made sense to get straight to the point: “let’s meet up the next time I’m in your part of town”.

Typically, I hit up her part of town to bar hop and stuff, so my plan was to have her meet me out and we take it from there.

As for her sex appeal- sure she is very sexy- but I am a boob-man, and she is very flat on top, which is why I hardly ever pursue girls who are stick-figured.

Hence the reason I negged her perfectly about being so slim, and that I usually don’t chat with slim girls.

By indirectly communicating to a girl that she isn’t usually your type, it allows for 2 powerful things to happen:

1.) It is an indirect compliment in that the girl feels special and singled-out that the guy was willing to go against his ideal type for her

2.) It makes her feel somewhat inadequate and self-conscious, where she questions her viability as a sexual item

Be as it may, we never did manage to meet up because of my topsy-turvy and on-the-fly routine.

We still follow each other on Facebook and I bust her chops periodically whenever she posts some dumb shit. So it’s just a matter of timing before I seriously try to get her to meet up with me.

Lastly, everything boils down to frame and your belief.

I always end up picking up chicks with whom things kicked off rocky, simply because I bear in mind that women love drama, and drama is their fucking oxygen!

Thus, I give them drama, then charm them up with game for the eventual pull.

Remember: push-pull, hot and cold, on and off, left and right, zigzag!

Your pickups should resemble a rollercoaster ride, and not a fucking linear stroll down the road!

You should say shit that shocks the girl, perhaps offed her if need be. Then you compliment her, give her a sweet face, the “BAM”: change up on her again!

I implore you to read this old post of mines from back in 2013.

More online pickups to come.

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