Would You Flake On A Girl [Stand Her Up] Just To Build Anticipation?

Do I play head games?

I wouldn’t go so far as to say I do.

I prefer to classify my stuff as tactical approaches rather than trickery and head games. But that’s neither here or there.

Anyway, so I was supposed to meet up with this girl over the weekend (last weekend), but I decided to flake on her at the 11th. hour.

Just to feign somewhat slick, I contacted her as if I were the victim of her flakery, when indeed, I flaked on her.

By the way, when I broke the news to her that “I didn’t get to make it yesterday, nor today”, I was referring to my customary weekend trek by ferry to her side of the island.

Reminder: I stood her up, but I pretended as though she stood me up.

[My txts in green. Hers in white]

Basically, I fibbed a bit.

I did buy a bike and birthday-party stuff for my daughter. But that was this weekend; not last weekend when I flaked on this chick.

When she mentioned making it up to her, I sort of made a promise to her that I wouldn’t fap pending our rendezvous.

This chick is totally DTF as I’ve ever seen a DTF chick before.

Okay, so why did I flake on her at the last second: 2 nights in a row essentially?

Clearly as the post title reveals: I wanted to build the anticipation out the roof.

This chick was ripe for the picking last weekend but I felt that I could’ve amplified the tension and anticipation even more by flaking.

What's your view?

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