How To Text Girls…During Mid-Game [Hot Wife…Part II]

According to PUA Lingo’s directory of PUA terminology, a site ran by my Asian buddy, Alpha Wolf, by the way, here’s the definition of Mid-Game.

In a nutshell: Mid-Game defines the “middle”, or post-pickup, and pre-sex or pre-date, phase of meeting a girl.

Mid-Game texting would constitute text exchanges between you and the girl.

You need mid-game in order to seduce the girl.

I wrote about this recently, that it is virtually impossible to get the girl without any mid-game.

Now, to break this down even simpler: you meet a girl on Monday, get her #, etc. Let’s say that you plan on seeing her for a date on Saturday. Well- you can’t just get her # on Monday, then text her Saturday morning about going on a date that Saturday.

That wouldn’t be normal. It’d be socially un-calibrated to the max!

Hence, what you should’ve, and likely would’ve done, is to text her at some point between Monday and Saturday. This would constitute “Mid-Game”.

You need mid-game in order to get to the end-game…i.e. sex with the girl, etc.

With that, any form of communication (game-wise) after the pickup, and before the date or lay, would be mid-game communication.

Sorry for boring you to death with that tedious breakdown of a seduction concept.

Mid-Game either breaks or makes you.

Poor Mid-Game texting for instance, will get you nowhere.

Sub-par, decent to stellar mid-game text game, would ultimately get you the girl…barring nothing happens such as flaking or the girl standing you up, etc.

Therefore, everything boils down to mid-game.

Guys usually fuck up and kill their chances during mid-game, by having shitty text-game. Hence, they are unable to keep the girl captivated and interested, so the vibe dies naturally- or more often the case- the girl rejects the guy by not responding to his further messages.

In this post, I will show you an example of how I keep a girl interested during mid-game.

If you’ve been following my blog entries chronologically, few days ago, I got picked up by a young-married chick (on Facebook) who resides in Canada, but frequently returns home to this part of the world.

Her next return is slated for January. So, during now and January, I have to execute some mid-game text game in order to keep things alive, or else the vibe will naturally fizzle out, and then I may have to start game from scratch if I intend to bang her.

With that, Mid-Game also serves the purpose of keeping the girl interested, keeping the vibe warm, and buying time for the eventual rendezvous.

Now, with this girl (or any other girl), you shouldn’t text her every day!

That is the biggest text-game faux-pas there is: texting the girl every single day.

For example; if you get a girl’s # on Monday, and you made plans for Saturday (plans to which she agreed), you should message her on about 2-3 occasions between the 6-7 days (preferably 2 occasions).

Two texting sessions will actually suffice.

The reason for mid-game is to continue the seduction process while building some rapport/comfort.

Essentially, you’re getting the girl comfortable with the idea of meeting up with you.

In my case though with this hot wife in Canada, since she’s out of country until January, it wouldn’t be logical to text with her 2-3 times per week. In such a case, 1 text session per week will have sufficed…until January.

Here is 1 such session (mid-game); the first session actually, since picking her up over Facebook (she picked me up actually).

Key thing to pay attention to is my vibe.

If the texts are somewhat disjointed: forgive me! I might have had the order mixed up at the end.

[My texts in green]

[My texts in green]

[Her texts in white]

[My texts in green]

[Her texts in white]

There you have it: Mid-Game texting.

Mid-Game Text-Game

With this girl specifically, I will do this once a week for the next 2 months until she returns.

It wouldn’t even hurt if I skipped a week here and there.

This isn’t much investment on my part at all, to take 5 minutes out of my week to run some mid-game texting in order to keep the vibe, chemistry and the attraction alive.

Biggest takeaway here, as it related to my vibe, is that carefree, wild-man and cavalier attitude which I embody and project.

I demonstrated that I have no regards for her marital status, her husband, her as a wife, etc.

Also, noticed how I stuck to my usual script of always ending the conversation first, as in the last screenshot, I told her I’ll hit her up tomorrow.

What does this do?

It shows women that you are patient, confident and not desperate to want to cling on to her (via texting) for dear life.

Additionally, while we were texting, I was literally at the bar gaming other girls as you would’ve learned from reading my weekend field reports.

Which guy in his right mind tells a girl whom he’s trying to get, that he’s out hitting on other women?

Only a master pick-up artist such as myself, who fully understands the Preselection theory, and how women are inherently drawn to men who love lots of women, and have other women in their lives!

I get that!

I understood that if I told this married hottie that I was out gaming chicks and trying to get laid (as I was doing), it will make her even more attracted to me than she already is! And it will make her want to sleep with me even more!

Are you shocked yet!?

If you’re new to the pick-up community’s theories on dating, and you’re just now stumbling upon this blog, I am sure that such declarations would’ve shocked you to the core: that women aren’t turned off by men who talk about picking up other women, but are instead attracted to such guys who demonstrate womanizing, man-whoring and player-type ways!


Once you stick around here, your mind will continue to be blown away by this stuff.

On that note, I want to resume on how mid-game breaks down, and how you should ideally structure things with any new girl upon getting her #, or meeting her online.

Ignore the traditional 3-day rule bullshit- by the way, which was not created by the pick-up community- and feel free to text the girl the next day upon getting her # or Facebook or what have you.

If you plan to meet up with her ASAP, then you cannot allow 3 days to fly by, in hopes of trying to look all non-needy and shit.

If you want to see her Friday- and it is a Monday- then you ought to text her the Tuesday in order to get the ball rolling with some mid-game and comfort stuff.

Your mid-game texting sessions should NOT generally exceed 20 minutes during a fluid conversation where the girl is observing reciprocation in a timely manner.

Quit languishing on the phone, texting away with girls for hours on end!!!

It isn’t necessary!

Keep your sessions brief and spirited!

Bear in mind: your mid-game objective is to accomplish 3 things:

1.) Keep the vibe, interest and attraction alive by not falling completely off the radar

2.) Build/create a bit of rapport/comfort

3.) Set up, or re-confirm a Day2, date, rendezvous, etc

Those 3 staples should be your reason for texting a girl.

Just shooting the shit would somewhat be classified as mid-game, comfort-building stuff.

However, everything in spurts and bouts.

Your mid-game conversations don’t have to be as spirited as mines. They don’t have to be at all!

You can mimic a more laid-back and slow-pace vibe. Just that your conversations should be brief!

The only how you should engage in drawn-out texting sessions with girls, is if she isn’t replying promptly. But as long as the girl’s engaging you, always bring the chat to an end before the vibe stalls under its own weight.

Listen- I know it is very very tempting to want to chat/talk/text all day long with the OYD (Object of Your Desires). But you have to learn how to resist this urge!

Even if the girl is reaching out to you, appearing to want to continue chatting: END IT!!!!

After the 20 minute mark or so; end it!!!!!

Doesn’t matter if she’s clinging and engaging, sending 4 texts to your 1: End it!

Bear in mind that 20 minutes is just figuratively. You don’t want to exceed 20 minutes in a fluid conversation.

You can bail on the conversation within 5 minutes as I often do.

It all depends on how quickly you get the girl eating out of your palms and invested.

Once the girl shows that she’s willing to stay on her phone with you; you should then be looking to cut communication by ending it.

Ironically, this builds a sense of loss in the girl’s psyche.

You’re like a fleeting high to her; you appear, brighten up her day [definitely not in a cheesy, generic AFC way], then suddenly leave her, and leave her wanting more!

That is why you never want to end a conversation with a girl, when shit fizzles out naturally.

That is essentially ending the conversation on a bad note.

Guys stop texting/talking when they run out of shit to say/text.

Bad Note!!!!

Never stop or end the chat when you run out of things to say, or else you rob the girl of that special high she craves like taking a hit of X!

Hence, always end the conversation when she least expects it: on a high note, when she’s most engaged, engaging and reciprocating!

If you re-read the last 2 screenshot sets, you will have noticed that I did exactly that: I was telling the girl “bye”, “tomorrow”, while the vibe was still sizzling hot!

I would’ve been a fool to wait until the vibe simmered down, to then say, “I have to go”.

Again- I emphasize- “HIGH”!

Give her a high! A rush! A jolt of excitement and uncanniness!

Even if your vibe is subdued; ensure that it is a rush!

You accomplish this by using the text format in the screenshots: be playful, teasing, bold, forward and sexual!

What keeps you from being forward with women, is your own limiting beliefs and misconceptions about women.

You still harbor these warped-mainstream dating ideas in your head, that women are these little-benevolent angels, and innocent-little snowflakes, just yearning to be coddled, babied, deified, respected and treated with kid gloves!

Thus, whenever I advise you that your biggest asset in landing the girl eventually into bed or in a relationship, is to be forward and player-like, you have trouble swallowing that pill!

Hopefully as you continue to follow this blog, you’ll begin to get that reality check on how women operate.

More exciting and informative text-game posts to come!

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