Friday-Night Field Report [Nov’ 4th 2016]…Getting Sexual @ The Bar With Thigh-Tattoo Girl

Okay, so Friday evening, I left the house at my usual early time to go hit up the bar: 6:30-7 PM.

In the grand scheme of Game and partying; that is woefully early!

I hot the bar around 7:30, grabbed a glass of Campari Italian liqueur and OJ while awaiting the hot women’s arrival.
Women slowly began to trickle in after 9:30.

At the bar that night

I spotted a sexy chick in black sitting a the bar counter, so I stepped up as though I were to order another drink, sat next to her and began to lay my Game down.

I noticed she had some thighs. But most of all, was a tattoo of a scorpion that stood out.

Within the first 2 minutes of our spirited conversation, my free hand was resting on her thighs (the tattoo), and caressing her thigh also.

The vibe I created was “playful”: not creepy!

Here’s the short-video clip from the bar, which I posted to my Facebook page.

A still-shot, screenshotted from the bid snippet (the girl’s tattoo)

On that note, what I want you to take away from that short-vid clip is something that I always preach: Be sexual and forward fast!
When in nightlife settings especially, women are already predisposed to the idea of men being dominant, forward, sexual and flirty.

Therefore, use more non-verbal flirting in loud venues. Because after all, the loud music is your ally, and it give you (and the girl) psychological justification to touch, feel and flirt.

Stay tuned for the follow-up post on how Friday night went down.

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