Escalation Theory…A Reminder

​Throughout my pick-up career, I’ve picked up an ample amount of sexy girls by cold approaching them on the streets and laying my charm game down like a wizard.

What I really want to reenforce here, is the physical aspect of gaming girls on street approaches or wherever else have you.

Too many guys are totally hands-off and are opposed from the idea of touching and holding a woman; be it a stranger or someone with whom they are are already acquainted.

The faster you get a girl accustomed to your touch, the faster and easier it will have been to take her to bed since she’s already comfortable with the idea of your touches, holding, caresses, etc. Hence, whenever I’m chatting up a random stranger on the streets or wherever else have you; I aim to touch her IMMEDIATELY!!!!

I don’t mean grope or fucking molesting chicks on the streets. What I mean by getting physical, is PLAYFULLY touching, tapping, hitting and holding. “Playful” being the operative word here! For example, with the still-shots here of me chatting up this random stranger off of cold approach on the streets, within minutes of the approach, I was already moving her, caressing her finger tips, grabbing her by the hand (playfully and flirtingly), interlocking my arm with hers as we walk and chat (playfully)…as you could see in the photos. So again guy; when meeting women while out and about, bear in mind that you want to create a fun, funny, lighthearted vibe in which you can then (within minutes) naturally escalate physically with the girl, without causing any weird or offensive backlash. 


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