One Of The Weirdest Girls Ever

This had to have been 1 of the weirdest meetups I ever had in my entire pick-up career. I picked up this chick on Facebook late last year, we met up in December, and the plan was to go grab drinks and possibly go back to my abode. As we met up, she began acting all weirded out and shit. For a second there, I thought I had fecal matter all over my face or something. The chick was just acting weird about me. In any case, our so-called date lasted 2 minutes tops. When I told her “let’s go” (to grab drinks), she hit me with, “I can’t. I gotta go”. I said “bye then”, and walked off from her. I was totally perplexed and weirded out too. I since forgot about her. Last night now- 10 months later- she hits me up on Facebook out of the blue. I think I may actually give her a 2nd chance since she’s obviously into me by virtue of the fact that she hits me up 10 months later (later) wanting to chat.

5 thoughts on “One Of The Weirdest Girls Ever

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  1. Seems like she has social anxiety or some phobia. I been to various social anxiety meet up. I noticed shit occurring like that. I also suffer from it. Each social anxiety suffer reaction differently. This is just an assumption. It could be something else. A second date won’t hurt.


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