One Vibe You Should Create With Women…That Draws Them In

Flirty, push-pull is 1 of those vibes which I love to create in order to bait women in as means to deepen attraction.

A huge part of my social-media game schtick, and Facebook pick-up method, is commenting on girl’s posts in a high-value manner, in order to captivate their attention, and force them to reach out to me via inbox.

Forty percent of the time, I don’t ever have to initiate the PM with girls on Facebook.

My game is based on getting girls to chase and having them inbox me first…as this girl did.

Ultimately, that is 1 of the vibes I aim to create with girls whom I game online: the push-pull, flirty, banterish kind of vibe, to which a great portion of women gravitate.

When you become good at this, women will just throw themselves at you subtly, by messaging you out of the blue.

The reason that this girl had messaged me in the first case was because of a string of comments I left on 1 of her statuses.

What's your view?

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