When Grabbing A Girl’s Phone #…

When grabbing a girl’s phone #, does she even know the reason why you’re getting her #?

What I mean is, most guys would grab a girl’s # without stating a purpose (a tangible one).

This has the potential of inadvertently giving the girl the impression that you’re just grabbing the # for the sake of it…or worst; just to text.

Before I swap #’s or grab the girl’s, I always ensure to communicate to her my intentions, like, “we should go grab a drink next week”.

Try not to leave it up to the girl to figure and guess what your intentions are. She will almost always choose the most unfavorable ones: “he just wants to text”, for example.

Well, I’m not interested in merely texting, so I always try to ensure that upon the pickup, the girl knows the deal.

I adhere to this online and off line.

What's your view?

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