So…Do Krauser PUA & Steve Jabba Have A Feud Going On?

Krauser PUA & Steve Jabba

I’m somewhat confused about a possible feud between these 2 Londoners who were close buddies as late as a month ago.
What could’ve happened that caused this tight couple to sour?

Days ago, something told me to visit Krauser’s bigoted site.

I flipped through a post or 2, and 1 particularly caught my eye, where Nick Krauser seemed to have been taking shots at other pick-up coaches…via innuendos.

Here’s an excerpted screenshot from that article.

I honestly had not 1 iota of inclination to believe that Krauser was taking shit about his best buddy in Pickup: Steve Jabba.

As I read through the comments, someone posted a comment saying something to the effect of Steve Jabba being a traitor or something.

I didn’t pay much mind to it, and thought it was nothing but an anonymous troll trying to start shit.

Scrolled down and came across a reply from Steve Jabba himself (below).

In Steve’s defense, it appeared that Krauser was the one who took the first indirect shot.

Krauser is known for soft-attacking many fellow seduction coaches. So I wasn’t a bit surprise to say the least.

However, this brewing feud did catch me off guard since it was Steve Jabba and Krauser, who recently launched an attack on Mannish aka Deepak Wayne, the Indian pickup instructor, calling Deepak a big fraud for claiming that he fucked 40 something girls in 2 weeks or something to that effect.

Here’s the article on Steve’s PUA blog where he attacked Deepak:

Is Deepak Wayne a Jedi-Master sith lord PUA?

Here was my take/response on that whole fight between those guys:

The double team attack by Steve and Krauser against Deepak was a clear coordinated effort.

Those 2 guys have always collaborated, whether for good or bad.

In fact, I recall both of them working on a pickup product together some years back.

It was Steve’s product featuring Krauser PUA.

In spite of all that, I’m not quite sure how this will pan out.

Some have suspected this might be a joint-publicity stunt by both guys in order to promote some novel pick-up product.

We’ll have to watch and see.

Steve I were, and probably still are good friends. I helped him build his Twitter following over 5 years ago before my original Twitter account got sacked by Twitter due to a bunch of feminists reporting my stuff. Steve and I also collaborated on some pick-up marketing stuff. So there’s positive history between us.

If you guys have any added info on this feud, feel free to leave them in the comment section.

Although I have my issues with these 2 guys (their politics), I respect their Game. 

I leave you with 3 instructuanal videos from Steve Jabba, the London-based seductionist.

What's your view?

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