Women Will Always Scheme Ways To Skirt Loyalty To Their Boyfriend…As Long As You’re An Alpha On The Side

The other day, I wrote a somewhat controversial piece on side dick and why women who cheat, decide to cheat.

Piggy-backing off of that theme, I will expound a on a related topic which speaks to a woman’s propensity to run circles around her significant other in order to see another guy behind his back: and even right under his nose. 😯

Two Thursdays ago while I stayed in the city for that weekend, I hit up a chick on Facebook, after seeing a post she’d posted about attending a karaoke joint that same night.

Remind you: this is practically a stranger whom I’d only been friends with on Facebook for about a month. However, adhering to my stellar Facebook pick-up method, I was able to reel her in successfully like a fish on a hook, getting her to comment on my eyebrow-raising status updates and so forth.

Essentially, I had managed to attract her solely via comments on her posts and mines.

Anywho, I hit her up directly [inbox] for the first time (2 Thursdays ago). And it went like this.

[My messages in blue]

She was elated to hear from me privately, since unlike 99.9% of other guys, I restrained myself from flooding her inbox with all sorts of cheesy Beta-Male bullshit. So clearly (and this is from year’s worth of experience with women), she was anticipating my DM. So when she finally got it, she was elated. This was given away by the fact that she “LOL” when replying to my message (above) about “what are you doing tonight”?

Continuing. And by the way; this is a sexy fucking girl as you can see in the inserted pic in the screenshot above.

[My messages in blue]

[Above screenshot] Now you see an effort on her part to subtly justify why I should come, and also an effort on her part to downplay any discomfort on my part that her BF and son will be there.

Again guys: subtle frikkin’ tricks on the part of women with boyfriends in order to skirt fidelity.

Knowing that she’s trying to bait me into coming along, I also threw some subtle pitch of my own when I mentioned that we’re not gonna be able to mingle since her BF is there.

Now, in the screenshot below, check out how she subtly frames her comment as a way to justify why she and I should still meet up right under her BF’s nose.

[Her texts in gray]

Okay, so by her telling me that her BF is a cool dude, it was a desperate yet artful ploy on her part to try to sway me into meeting up with her at the karaoke joint.

She senses that I wasn’t sold on going. And since she’s highly attracted to me (my Alpha-Male vibe), she began to sell hard in trying to convince me to meet her there!

She also sneakily insinuated that my intentions were dirty. She’s right! She knew I wanted to fuck her! Although I never told her that since this was literally our first convo. I gave off that sex-worthy, bad boy vibe during our banter in the comment section on each other’s posts.

The point is: she knew my intentions were dirty, and she didn’t fucking care because that’s what women want; a real man who isn’t bashful about having a dick that he’s willing to use when given the chance!

Additionally, I purposely took a long time to reply to her message about bad intentions, so that’s when she mentioned “u not replying”?

[Her texts in gray]

Learn how to play hard to get! By me saying to her, “I don’t want the BF drama”, it not only makes me NOT look desperate, but it made me appear hard-to-get, and it also forced her to chase me even harder.

Now here is was that this girl is going out with her boyfriend (and their little kid), yet she’s facebooking another guy (me)- a total stranger you can say- trying to convince him [me] to meet up with her still.

Isn’t that some powerful and telling shit?

The texting continued (my messages in blue).

She: “You plan on taking me in a corner to talk”?

What is she doing here by asking that?


What was I implying to her when I said what is the point if I cant talk to you?

I was further trying to bait her in with a sense of loss.

I was giving her double impressions: mixed signals. On 1 hand: I told her that I want to hang out. On the other hand, I was giving her the impression that her BF would be an indirect cock-block.

Long story short: I end up disappointing her by not going.

I made other plans which were more conducive to getting the lay.

In any case, I want to conclude this post by touching on the topic at hand: women with boyfriends skirting fidelity in order to meet up with guys whom they perceive as sex-worthy Alphas.

In this instance; I was that guy.

Had I attended, I can tell you exactly what would’ve gone down.

Taking a guesstimation that the venue was small (most karaoke joints are small), I would imagine that her BF would’ve been in eye-shot of his GF and son.

With that, there would’ve been very limited amount of play for me to maneuver by way of anything sexual.

However, flirting verbally would’ve been a must. And since she mentioned “a corner”, I would’ve at some point taken her aside to get physical outside the view of the boyfriend.

I doubt I would’ve gotten the notch. But makeout and shit would’ve been a given.

Nevertheless, I merely wanted to point out the extent to which women will go to take chances beneath their boyfriend’s nose.

She will make a ton load of excuses as to why it’s okay in her eyes. And she will also convince you that her boyfriend is harmless as this girl did with me.

The girlfriend would’ve likely said to the BF: “I’ll be meeting a friend there too, but he’s cool. He’s just a harmless work mate”.

Thus, the boyfriend himself would actually be under the impression that the guy she’s meeting with is an innocent and harmless Beta-Male.

Generally, this is correct! Since most guys are harmless wussies who wouldn’t dare escalate on a girl, a girlfriend can very well convince her significant other that the guy she’s talking to is some harmless chode.

Therefore, in retrospect, that would’ve likely been the case had I gone. She would’ve tapped her boyfriend and tell him (either beforehand or at some point during the night) that I were some innocent-gay dude whom she works with. Thus I would’ve been rendered a non-threat to him.

What he wouldn’t have known was that I am an ardent seductionist who fucks girls with boyfriends for a sport and an income.

However, women don’t care!

She wouldn’t have cared that she mischaracterized me to her BF as means to swindle him in order to freely be in my presence in a semi-intimate kind of way.

This however will not happen for you with a hot girl, unless you have social value in her eyes!

Looks don’t fucking matter!

I cannot fail to beat that point to death!

I am not the most shiny bolt in the toolbox by far! Women often say that I’m ugly! But that doesn’t mean shit because I know looks don’t matter but vibe and personality do!

As for the issue of trust and trusting women: I trust no woman to not cheat.

With guys like myself out there, knowing what I know, and doing what I do, it is extremely difficult for me to trust any woman.

I call this 1 of the unintended consequences of mastering seduction and getting good with women.

Picking up women and sleeping with women becomes so easy that you just cannot bring yourself to ever trusting women

It’s not like guys like myself- and I can speak for myself with certainty- it’s not like we go around with mistrust on our minds. Even if we were in relationships, guys who reach this level, though we learn to not trust women to not cheat, we aren’t jealous boyfriends who snoop around hurling about accusations of infidelity at our girlfriends.

In fact: it’s the contrary!

You would think that a guy who doesn’t trust women, would constantly hound his girlfriend, monitor her, search her phone, etc.

Totally not the case.

With not trusting women, it makes no sense to monitor a girlfriend since you already left space for disappointment in your heart…proverbially.

Guys who get their hearts shattered upon the revelation that their girlfriend is cheating, are the ones who never thought it could happen. The guys who trusted unconditionally.

Trusting a girl unconditionally is akin to cutting your dick off and using it with your hands to fuck the girl. It makes no sense!

Quote-unquote “Nice Guys” are usually the victims and suckers of unconditional trust in their girlfriend.

Not surprising, those guys are the only ones getting cheated on.

With all that being said, through vast amount of years of experience with women on various continents, from various countries of various ethnicities and races, I’ve come to the realization that women will almost always deceive their tamed boyfriends in order to skirt fidelity just to romp around with a guy who gets it: a guy who gets women and gets what women responds to.

2 thoughts on “Women Will Always Scheme Ways To Skirt Loyalty To Their Boyfriend…As Long As You’re An Alpha On The Side

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  1. Hello Kenny Thanks for the info. It is sad that the women you meet has made you into a man that does not trust a woman.They have made you the way you are. I know Kenny that there are still some good women about, but you must be a Alpha male to keep them. I am the one who is deceiving my wife & girlfriends. I do not tell the whole truth to them. I skirt around the truth. My girlfriends think I am separated from my wife. But this is not true. Girlfriends or wives that are in love with you are blind and they trust you. They have no interest in other men. Because they are happy & contented.


    1. I some what agree. Sure I don’t trust women. But it isn’t a bad thing nor the end of the world. It would’ve been a difference had I been not trusting of women, and I act upon it by monitoring women. I don’t monitor my GF’s, even though I don’t trust them.

      As for your situation of lying to them; I see no big deal also. Although you don’t have to lie about your situation


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