Want Proof That Women Are Bipolar And Emotionally Unstable?

​So, do you actually need proof that women are bipolar and highly emotionally unstable and prone to fluctuations in states and moods? 

Okay, so I was texting a bit this afternoon with a sexy chick whom I’d been wanting to bang for almost 3-4 years now. 

She lives in the house next to my apartment complex on the west side. 

Anyway, our convo was going great. I then asked her about her plans for later. 

All of a sudden, she replies with some BS out of left field, saying to stop texting her phone. She further mentioned that she knows that her BF doesn’t like me. 

Why does her BF hate my guts? Because I picked up and fucked his ex-girlfriend almost 3 years ago. 

Since that day, this guy totally hates me…which I can understand…I guess. But this chick already knew that her BF hates me. So to mention it now again is sorta crazy. But anyway, I simply blocked that bitch and deleted her # from my Whatsapp and phone contacts. 

[My texts in green]

All in all: women operate on emotional waves which are constantly fluctuating.

One second she’s down to meet up. Two seconds later; she blows you off unexpectedly.

6 thoughts on “Want Proof That Women Are Bipolar And Emotionally Unstable?

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  1. This reminds me of a chick i was trying to add on Facebook. Banter went on for like 40 comments between us… started to call her babes to demonstrate my frame of bad boy lover but 10 replies in i call her babes again and out come da claws ” dont call me babes”. Fine i ignore it banter more, warm her up to friend request her ass… Then she starts insulting me, offending like its good sport… I have enough, bring out the ruthless asshole and start flipping the script. She don’t like that one bit but im stone cold, sticking in the shivs mercilessly until blam ahe blocks me. From hot to cold in a blink of an eye.

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    1. Great example of this emotional fluctuation JB. I’ve witnessed situations like you explained dozens of times. If you didn’t know the reason behind all of this (that women are emotionally unstable), you’d probably go crazy


      1. Yea. Use to beat my head over it in high school now i just next da bitch and look for a more sweet and submissive type. Bitchiness will not be tolerated


  2. Dude, the article was eye opening😘😇…
    Can u emphasis and give some links , any scientific evidence to make it more sense to…
    Thank you


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